1902, 2018

Ultra-Processed food, What’s behind the headlines and what does it mean to you?

We are passionate about fresh food and traditional cooking with our clients.  And we are very mindful of nutrition and personal tastes, so here’s a look behind the Ultra-processed food and Cancer risk headlines
The research was conducted by the NutriNet-Santé prospective cohort research in Brazil and France and it was published in the BMJ 14/2/18. It […]

2711, 2017

1 Million Minutes

How long does it take pass the time of day with someone? There are 1 million lonely people in UK and the call is for 1 Million Minutes to help solve the crisis .. One million minutes

It’s called 1 Million Minutes because there are more than 1 million older people in the UK don’t speak […]

1210, 2017

People’s Champion Award 2017

With four years under our belts and a thriving enterprise that thrills us every day, it is humbling to be shortlisted People’s Champion for the 14th Startups Award.

I was made redundant shortly after my 50th birthday (there’s plenty to reveal about all of that which I’m saving for another day!)  Redundancy and midlife adjustments were, thankfully, in […]

2009, 2017

Cholesterol and what it means

Having excessive levels of bad cholesterol in your body is not a good thing, and that’s no different whether you’re old or young.

In the elderly bad cholesterol can be more serious, as underlying health problems can exacerbate the situation and excessive bad cholesterol can make it  harder to get other health issues under control.

So what […]

3105, 2017

Dementia Awareness 2018 CALENDAR

As soon as we saw a preview Irene Mackay’s 2018 calendar to raise awareness for Dementia, we fell in love. The illustrations of The Forgetful Elephant are captivating and all ages love them. Her books have been so helpful and of course we loved the ideas behind the calendar.
We  asked Irene to explain. Here’s what […]

1904, 2017

How can older people and their carers avoid fraud?

We want to help people avoid all crises, and that includes avoiding fraud. Criminals follow wealth and the current generation of older people tend to be very good at saving for retirement and owning equity in their homes.  That’s probably why so many older people are targeted by scammers.

What is a Scam? Scams are fraudulent […]

3003, 2017

Time outside, Springtime in Kent

Time outside may not be easy to arrange but it’s vital because enjoying time outside helps the elderly and everyone living with dementia. Apart from the exercise, we know that the senses of sight, smell and hearing support happiness long after memories and other skills diminish through age, illness and dementia related issues.

Linda of ReminiScent […]

1303, 2017

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Our colleagues at Seniors Helping Seniors Harrow  hand picked this Mother’s Day gift guide.  We are delighted to extend a special Seniors Helping Seniors discount with sincere thanks to Unforgettable and designed2enable 

With Mother’s Day just around the corner (Sunday 26th March), we’ve compiled a list of some fantastic gift ideas, designed specifically with seniors’ needs […]

703, 2017

How to Recognise Symptoms of Mesothelioma & Live Well Despite Your Diagnosis

Matt Mauney is a writer at  PleuralMesothelioma.com  Having lost a friend to the disease and because we hear more cases of illness linked to exposure of asbestos, we asked Matt to explain it for us. Matt is in USA,  further information and resources in UK can be found http://www.cancerresearchuk.org/about-cancer/type/mesothelioma/ .  For more informationa and advice on laws […]

802, 2017

Walking sticks: What to look for when buying a walking stick or cane

Recognising the opportunity to design for our future selves is what inspired us to start Seniors Helping Seniors here in UK.  We knew there was a better way to look after people as they age. We talk about avoiding crises all the time and falling over is often the start of a crisis.  Fall risk […]