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Success and social impact for Franchisee of the Year and People’s Choice award finalists and our calls to entrepreneurs to run care businesses as franchisees in our UK network

February 13th 2018

Start ups The UK’s No.1 starting a business resource, asked us about the success and social impact Seniors Helping Seniors is having a year after we were  shortlisted for the Franchisee of the Year award at the Startups Awards 2017.

Now, the franchise is calling on entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners to open care businesses as part of its network, with a goal of offering elderly clients “flexibility, full support and peace of mind” Read more here 

 50 great tips to build a website

February 7th 2018

Start ups asked us to contribute to their free e-book on Start-up success: These tips from some of the UK’s best are to help build a website. Our contribution is on building authenticity and trust

“Trust and authenticity .. we have no gimmicks, lots of personality, and use optimistic colours. Quick wins like using stock photos are a no-no for us. The images we use show  how real carers of a similar age to their elderly clients, who we have matched because they have similar interests, help the client fulfill their dreams, stay motivated and contribute to the activities of daily living in local community settings.”


The 14 Best Businesses To Start in 2018

January 15th 2108

Business Matters

The UK’s leading SME business magazine for UK’s thriving small and medium sized business sector.  Business Matters reaches decision makers in the SME whose businesses turnover between £200,000 to £6M. To start the New Year it reviewed Seniors Helping Seniors as part of its new list of new industries about to take 2018 by storm for anyone thinking 2018 could be the year  to launch their own venture.

Care services franchises such as Seniors Helping Seniors UK, which enables retired entrepreneurs to own and run home care businesses in their local areas, has seen growth ascent. Since launch in 2014, the chain has expanded to over 40 care work providers.
For those looking to combine profit with purpose .. the care home market presents a winning business opportunity.  Read more here

Harnessing your skills and show you care

National Story: Daily Mail

November 9th 2017

Career Mail is a regular section in the printed Daily Mail national newspaper. They often look at opportunities for the ageing population.  Knowing we provide work for older workers and business opportunities for people who want to set up their own Seniors Helping Seniors, they contacted us when they published an article on management skills.  The article appeared in print and the author Linda Whitney kindly gave her permission to refer to her Career Mail article

Harnessing your skills and show you care

IF YOUR career background is in management, it is a useful skill to transfer to a franchise.

Christian Wilse and his wife Sally run the Seniors Helping Seniors franchise in Canterbury, Kent, employing older people to prove elderly care services.

And Christian, the UK master franchisor of Seniors Helping Seniors, is also recruiting UK franchisees with management skills and heart.

“Over 95 per cent of Seniors Helping Seniors’ 300 franchisees across the globe, left the corporate world to concentrate on doing something worthwhile with their skills” he says.

Seniors Helping Seniors franchisees match carers to clients and use their project management and operational skills for efficient scheduling and logistics.

Andy Boothman, a former management franchisee at a cleaning franchise who is considering investing in Seniors Helping Seniors, says, “My people skills will transfer well to Seniors Helping Seniors, and I will use my financial management and marketing skills. As a former franchisee I also know franchisors help you develop skills you lack.

Christian adds: ‘ we want to hear from people with management skills.  The current investment required is £10,000 so it does not usually make too big a dent in a redundancy package or pension pot.



Providing rewarding work to an ageing population

What Franchise Magazine

November 2017

Linda Whitney featured Seniors Helping Seniors®  in What Franchise Magazine to explain how our managed care service makes a rewarding business you can run from home and the opportunities of our franchise.  Seniors Helping Seniors  provides services for an ageing population, is often run by older business people and the workforce is predominantly older workers because they have the experience and love the work


Seniors Helping Seniors explains why old fashioned is best

Buy into a Fully Managed Care Service

In the very near future, it’s going to be increasingly unusual for retirees not to work.

The driving forces are increased life expectancy, economic uncertainty, a re-visioning of later years, where people want to do something useful and rewarding, and the elimination of the idea that pensions will be able to sustain us. Fortunately, there’s also greater need for the skills of older people. Especially in care.


Seniors Helping Seniors has a 20-year franchising history and an award winning care brand in the UK, which represents loving, caring, giving and compassionate care.

An emphasis on service, which could be called old fashioned, may not be the most obvious money making opportunity, but there’s no lasting substitute.

Automation, databases and dealing with people as if they’re problems that need solving in the most efficient way all make sense to the bottom line, but they’re not polite or dignified and they don’t put clients first.

Quick fix solutions have a knack of coming unstuck when things like life get in the way.

What people need when they’re looking for care for the elderly is a fully managed service they can trust. They want to be able to plan and rely on it to adapt and accommodate events in their lives and events in carers’ lives.

Seniors Helping Seniors is not greedy for profit. Every decision made is about doing the right thing for clients and staff and it’s evidence that doing good first makes great money.

Elderly care is provided by older carers with either professional care backgrounds or experience of caring for loved ones. The work is well paid, rewarding and flexible, so it fits nicely around their later life commitments.

The company has no issues attracting or retaining carers because carers are fully supported, well paid and fully respected.

The care provided is outstandingly effective because the carer is carefully matched to the client, personally introduced and the schedule is well managed. Because carer and client are of similar ages and they have a lot in common, the care is more easy to accept, even by the most fiercely independent. The objective is to keep people safe, well and living in their own homes as long as possible.


The BBC filmed a special news report on the success and opportunities at Seniors Helping Seniors. Clients are eager to have help in the south east and east of the UK as soon as possible, so the company is looking to recruit new franchisees here first.

The service provided by Seniors Helping Seniors is out of the scope of the Care Quality Commission because it’s not ‘personal care’, so the set-up costs of this franchise are significantly less than care models offering personal care.

The franchisor is a British Franchise Association member and has experience of what is takes to repeat and reproduce successful businesses in different locations. The care and support Seniors Helping Seniors franchisees receive is as outstanding as the care provided to clients.

This is a way to run your own business, as opposed to looking for work yourself at 50-plus years of age.

Helping Hand coming from the Senior Service

National Story: Daily Mail

21st September 2017

The newspaper leads with a front page story “Shame of Care Homes That Just Don’t Care” and how there are “four serious failures probed every day, 100 care firms struck off in a year and charities warning of ‘frightening crisis’” The Daily Mail’s policy editor Daniel Martin laid bare the extent of the crisis in the elderly care system and  Linda Whitney’s asked us how Seniors Helping Seniors is helping. The article  appeared in print and the author Linda Whitney kindly gave her permission to refer to her Career Mail article

Helping Hand Coming from the Senior Service

Focussing on the problems of an ageing population appeals to older entrepreneurs 

British Franchise Association

BFA’s What Franchise magazine asked us how fully managed elderly care services help families

The over-50s have come to dominate start-ups. The combination  of private pension payouts being accessible at 55, more employees being offered redundancy in their 50s and the knowledge that most 50-year-olds have another 30 years of active life are tempting more people to become entrepreneurs. 

A franchise can be a faster and easier option than setting up a standalone business and Linda Whitney asked us about the pros cons  worth considering before you invest in a franchise at 50-plus.

 Fully Managed Elderly Care Services.



Starting a business in your 50s is easier than you think!

Start ups is the UK’s leading independent online business resource, they interviewed us about our business to help them shake off the notion that starting a business in middle-age isn’t a good idea.

More than four out of 10 new businesses in the UK are started by people over 50, over 55s are now 63% more likely to start businesses than 10 years ago and those who start a business in their 50s are 42% more likely to be successful than their younger counterparts. Older entrepreneurs have the advantage of being able to tap into wealth of experience and knowledge and how we are looking for good-hearted entrepreneurs to become Seniors Helping Seniors business owners in UK.

Christian Wilse, Seniors Helping Seniors UK

Christian Wilse, Seniors Helping Seniors

59-year-old Christian Wilse launched the UK franchise arm of elderly home care service Seniors Helping Seniors in January 2014, after received funding from The Start Up Loans Company to start the business.

Based in Kent, Wilse’s business helps seniors and their families by offering compassionate, loving care from fellow seniors.

Wilse and his wife have been working full-time for the business ever since launch date. They are the only full-time employees but work with around 100 part-time care providers – on a typical month’s payroll the company will have around 40 working care providers. Due to most of the care providers being retired, they will work around 10-20 hours a week, but the shift patterns are very flexible.

Previously, Wilse spent most of his career as a successful businessman in the media field. He ran a media monitoring company, and set up Tiscali in Norway (where he is originally from), amongst other business ventures.

Additionally, Wilse is actively looking for good-hearted entrepreneurs to become Seniors Helping Seniors business owners.



Pros and cons  worth considering before you invest in a franchise at 50-plus

Making Money Magazine

Making Money Magazine asked us to identify the pros and cons worth considering before you invest in a franchise

Investing in a franchise at 50+

Top 10 Care Award based on client recommendations

May 1st 2017

Seniors Helping Seniors Scoops Top 10 Award

Seniors Helping Seniors has been recognised as a Top 10 Recommended Agency Group in the UK by – The leading UK home care website

Top 10 Award

The Seniors Helping Seniors Success story

 A subsidiary of the British Business Bank


Start up loans publishes the Seniors Helping Seniors Success story

Start Up loans delivers the Government’s start up loans programme and published the  Seniors Helping Seniors Success story



Highlighting examples of good practice and innovation in the sector

Care Talk


Care Talk Care Industry magazine new national opportunity for innovation in elderly care in-home services 

What rights do people in care have?


November 2016

Choose is a UK price comparison site, focused on helping consumers find the best deal and understand their rights.

Evictions from care homes and families being banned from visiting hit the news in November 2016 and since no one is keeping records of these evictions, Choose asked us to explore what rights people in care have.

They asked us to explain

Helping people gain the control to plan for elderly care and to feel safe and comfortable in their choices



What rights do people in care have? helping people gain the control to plan for elderly care and to feel safe and comfortable in their choices.

What care options are there for people on a budget?



  Choose  asked to write a money feature about care budgets. Looking at elderly care options on a budget and planning ahead to avoid a crisis. What care options are there for people on a budget? how do we ensure access to the elderly care we require, and on a budget that suits us? The key is to start looking before we need to.


Preventing Malnutrition in later life

Malnutrition Task Force


Malnutrition task force is an independent group of experts across health, social care and local government united to address avoidable and preventable malnutrition in older people.  Established in 2012, they aim to share expertise and work with partners in hospitals, care homes, local authorities and private and voluntary organisations.

As part of Carers Week 2016, they asked us for some some suggestions on how to rekindle an interest in food when a loved has one gone off meals or  lost confidence in the kitchen.

Boosting appetite for someone with dementia or a frail appetite    

Activities around mealtimes


Unforgettable The world’s best marketplace for dementia products and services, asked us to talk about how we use slow cooking to encourage those with frail appetites to be interested in mealtimes again.

The whole mealtime experience is one of the most important contributions to an elderly person’s health and happiness. However, if your loved one with dementia is struggling in the kitchen, or not sure what to cook, you may need  some ideas.

Boosting appetite for someone with dementia

Why become a franchisee?

British Franchise Association


21/10/16 The British Franchise Association asked  us to write about our franchisee in Harrow

Care at home service  Seniors Helping Seniors®  expands-its offering to the London borough of Harrow and Northwood

Membership of British Franchise Association



Our listingKey information here

Care Crisis

BBC Special news report


Seniors Helping Seniors®  Special report on BBC South East evening news

In a News segment about the pace of care home closures and the affects to the quality of care, the BBC featured Seniors Helping Seniors® with a special report on the company’s expansion and unique approach. Yvette Austin talked about the new type of care that matches mature carers to clients for in home care.  Focussing on greater understanding and empathy, “clients have someone they can relate to.”  Families who live far away say carer Margaret Plues is  “just what she wants” for their parent Ann Cole and carer Margaret explains what is unique about working for Seniors Helping Seniors®

Click on image:



Care Crisis

BBC South East


Our services on lunchtime on helping solve the Care Crisis

news: Click on imagebbcsouthe


Harrow & Northwood in Middlesex, North London


George Demetriou (left) and Christian Wilse signing the agreement 17.03.2016

How do you know if a care company is trust worthy

Web Videos

Care of the elderly is a sector where trust is everything The Web videos team talk about conveying trust through our video

Living Wage Employer

28/8/2015 Living Wage Mark

Seniors Helping Seniors®  accredited with : Accreditation press release_celebrating new employersLW_logo_employer_rgb copy

Celebrating the best care in the UK & Further Afield

Caron Cares

August 2016

  Caron Cares  Advice and information for anyone caring for someone elderly, or someone with dementia


Matching the skills and experience of older people to the needs of the elderly in a relationship focussed partnership

The video below explains how


BBC London News

22/06/2015 – Interview with MP Alistair Burt, trying to answer:                  “Where will the carers come from?”

Awards Wins

BBC Radio

29/05/2015 BBC Radio’s Lembit Opik interviews Christian on our award win

News & Awards 2015:BBC logo

BBC Radio Kent 29/05/2015: Interviewed by Lembit Opik –


Big Venture Challenge Winner

  28/05/2015   Announcement



Small Business – Service Industries


Innovation & Excellence Award

Social Enterprise

National Bronze Winner 2015

2015 –  Social Enterprise (page 99)

How to Age Proof your body:

 National Story: Daily Mail Article


To help keep your mind and memory in good condition, it’s helpful to interact more with other people, whether through a job, voluntary work, standing for election as a councillor or starting a new business such as Seniors Helping Seniors®

Sir Muir Gray – One of Britain’s top doctors and a former Chief of knowledge for the NHS has mentioned us in his article in the Daily Mail (Mail Online)

Planning for Later life

April 2015

Canterbury Index Magazine

Canterbury Index Magazine asked us about planning for later life

Read and download our article in Canterbury Index Magazine, April in pdf Planning for Later life 2015


Hospital discharge Crisis

BBC Radio Kent


BBC Radio’s Julia George discusses hospital discharges with Christian


News & Awards 2014:  BBC Radio Kent 31/07/2014: Call to Julia George


Innovation in Social Enterprise


April 2014

Fast Growth Sustainability Award

“The Judging panel have had the unenviable task of selecting those companies most worthy of one of these prestigious awards and after much deliberation they are pleased to declare Seniors Helping Seniors has been awarded Sustainability Award for Innovation in Social Enterprise.”

Seniors Helping Seniors® is a Fast Growth Award Winner for 2014 for its innovative in-home care service – Read more here

Seniors Helping Seniors® services have been part of a recent (April 2014) research “Pushing Boundaries” by UnLtd who supports Social Enterprises. We are case study no 8 on page 30 – you can download the research here


Planning for Later Life

Annual magazine “Planning for Later Life” on page 46 – You can read an online version here or contact us on 01227 454 900 or send a mail to and we will mail you a copy.

Do you have the heart of a volunteer? Do you or do you know a friend that would like to help and care for others? We are always looking for loving, giving, caring people that are compassionate about others. Contact us  for a friendly conversation or email

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