Elderly Care Franchise – Start your own Seniors Helping Seniors® business

If you have ever held the ambition of being in control of your destiny, working in your own business, you are in the right place. If you want to do good for people at the same time, read on!

Seniors Helping Seniors® is an elderly care solution that people need and people want to work for.  Our job is to change people’s lives for the better and we have a unique way of doing it.

Your opportunity to own and manage your own business within the care sector has a distinct edge with a Seniors Helping Seniors® We have a 20 year track record and over 300 franchises worldwide. In the UK the entry price is still very low. Seniors Helping Seniors UK is 5 years old, we have won awards for our care and innovation and you are welcome to join our team of three offices.

Non-medical and no ‘personal care’ makes our work very different.

We focus on well being and preventative care.

The CQC regulator has us out of scope so instead, we drive our own exemplary standards.

Our services are delivered by carers who are close in age to our customer. Care feels like getting help from a friend and this is one of the outstanding qualities of our unique service – The BBC made a special news report about how our clients feel ‘more comfortable’ with Seniors Helping Seniors® and this simple idea is our mission.  Successful outcomes come from heart, personality, positivity and the unique business systems we will show you.

If you have the desire and ability to grow a team of experienced care givers and you want to support vulnerable community members,  speak to us about our elderly care franchise. We are innovators in the sector and these are inspiring times. Our franchise offering is affordable and it is highly praised  in the care sector and in the world of ethical business.

We consider our elderly care franchise offering to be dually rewarding, helping people in need and an organisation with very strong values.

Growing from one Centre to many

Starting as one single woman’s vision in 1998 and now a reality for so many, Seniors Helping Seniors home care services vividly demonstrates we truly can do well by doing good. For those seeking financial growth and personal satisfaction, we encourage you to join our Seniors Helping Seniors franchise network and become part of a growing opportunity in today’s services market.

Seniors Helping Seniors non-medical home services are given by loving, giving, caring, compassionate seniors who truly understand what it means to be ageing. These older adults provide both the physical and emotional help seniors need to live independently in their own homes with dignity and respect. Providing fulfilling work for experienced carers is an inspiration and a joy.

A growing demographic

Seniors 85+ are the fastest growing age group in the UK and over half need some level of help. The number of people who need help continues to expand rapidly. The population continues to age and the demand for Seniors Helping Seniors® grows.

Most people in work today care for an older person. You can probably list the people you know personally, right now, who are faced with the challenges and concerns of caring for ageing relatives.

Relieve the day-to day stress of overwhelmed families

Not only does Seniors Helping Seniors® provide valuable support for seniors, we also relieve the day-to-day stress on overwhelmed family members. To meet growing demand, we continue to recruit more senior helpers who benefit personally from the rewards of helping and from receiving additional income.

Seniors Helping Seniors® home care services is in the right place at the right time. We are specialists with 18 years experience and we are positioned well for exciting UK growth. Having built the successful award winning Seniors Helping Seniors® in UK ourselves, we are passionate about every aspect of it.  We know how to manage the operations effectively and how to successfully build a strong franchise community.

For you, this means easy entry into your market and a high-level of ongoing franchisee support. You will get what you need to get started and to create a dynamic and very rewarding business that utilises your local network and your skills.

Become a franchise partner

If you are looking for financial growth and personal satisfaction, join the Seniors Helping Seniors® franchise network. Become part of one of the fastest growing service opportunities in today’s market. There are unique and substantial opportunities here for your bottom line and for your heart.

Find out more about whether you can qualify to be a franchise partner and start a centre in your town. Email us
call 01227 454 900 or fill in the contact form.

You can download our FAQ and case study below:

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                                                                                                            Case study:

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