How long does it take pass the time of day with someone? There are 1 million lonely people in UK and the call is for 1 Million Minutes to help solve the crisis .. One million minutes

It’s called 1 Million Minutes because there are more than 1 million older people in the UK don’t speak to a friend or family member in a week.

Christmas and New Year is one of the worst times with people rushing around everywhere preparing everything and then falling back exhausted behind closed doors for the duration of the festivities.

That’s why Good Morning Britain has their 1 Million Minutes campaign at this time of year. They ask for pledges of time, not  cash.

The award winning campaign offers hundreds of opportunities depending on the number of minutes you’d like to pledge so if you are looking for inspiration head over to any one of these links.

The campaign works with Age UK, Silver line, Royal Voluntary Service and the Campaign to End Loneliness as well as Action for Children and you can find an inspiring selection of volunteering opportunities with any one of them.

You can also pledge your time to local charities here or you can share your own pledge using #1MiIlionMinutes.

Last year Barbara Windsor launched the campaign and this year Dame Joan Collins inspired us .. The pledges total 8 million minutes already and counting ! WOW