Associate Membership

The BFA announced “Seniors Helping Seniors® UK  has an established franchise model, policies, procedures and systems capable of supporting multiple franchise outlets. The improvements made to the business, its growth and development are recognised by The British Franchise Association with Associate Membership” because has the care company is proven in the UK in addition to it’s 20 years globally and it has an established network in England.


Franchising is a sector that continues to grow in the UK and the 2018 BFA NatWest franchise Survey found more people are employed in franchising than ever. Record rises in female franchisees are among some of the most outstanding and very positive trends in franchising

Seniors Helping Seniors® is setting records for older entrepreneurs and people returning to work after a break, retirement or redundancy.


People who want to utilise their skills to help their communities are attracted to Seniors Helping Seniors® because of its high social impact. The 100 year life span is a reality in UK and two things are true in an ageing society: Millions of people, 45 years old and over, want or need to work and millions of elderly people need help to live independently. Seniors Helping Seniors® is right place, right time.

Ethical Franchise

As a recognised ethical franchise achieving social impact, the low royalties, low overheads, low operational costs and discrete procedures appeal to people who want the security of running their own business, within a non-pressurised and supportive network of like-minded people. People can make a great contribution to their community through Seniors Helping Seniors® Social entrepreneurship is rewarding in every way.

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Top Marks for training and support

Franchisees consistently give top marks on the Seniors Helping Seniors® training programme and support from the team who personally launched a Seniors Helping Seniors® in England.