With Mother’s Day just around the corner (Sunday 31st March) we have added to our original Mother’s Day Gift Guide suggestions designed specifically with seniors’ needs in mind.

We have kept our customers’ favourites in our Mother’s Day Gift Guide because nothing is better than recommendations. The products have been designed, tried and tested with independence and specific needs in mind. We have been friends with these trusted providers for years. We always work with trusted providers. We champion outstanding customer service and we think these products are very special because the help in a subtle way – just like your mum did.

Most of the items listed here cost around £30 with the generous discount our friends at The Able Label, designed2enable and Unforgettable have offered to our community (10% discount on orders made on their sites. Use the promotional code SHS10 at their checkouts)

Last orders for Mother’s Day

We have checked last orders for you.  Today (Wednesday March 27th ) is last orders for Mother’s Day. (Orders placed on Thursday will be posted express with additional charges)

Royal Mail states next day (including Saturday) deliveries for first class post including parcels under 20kg, making the last day to post Friday – officially.  Our recommendation is to get your cards in the post today or latest tomorrow – we’ll always tell you how it really is!

So here are some recommendations for the independent mother organised in categories for you, good luck and here’s to making the day special for you and your mum.

Dressing to impress with Mother’s Day gifts

We love any products that help people  live life to the fullest in comfort and style. These products are adapted to help your mum but no one would ever know.

The non slip bed socks for £8.00 are lovely and in our opinion, non slip socks are safer than slippers.  Think falls risk for your mum!

Stylish compression socks  look great and will help keep legs feeling energised by increasing blood flow through the circulatory system.

The gorgeous Claudia jersey top makes for easy dressing with its ‘EasyFasten’ velcro fastening down the front of the tshirt. Coloured thread (lime for left, red for right) inside the top makes finding and getting arms into armholes easier.  Please note the best selling Claudia top is in the sale almost sold out (XL only) You can read more about the thinking behind The Able Label’s range here We  love their accessories and their ‘between the seasons’ range in particular, so take a look at their new catalogue here and please note their fuss free returns.

Long handled shoe horns are among the many helpful mobility accessories at Designed2Enable are all about staying active with style. They stock stunning brands and they support their customers amazingly well.

“Since we started working with Seniors Helping Seniors in 2015, our companies are delighted to see people enjoying elegance and independence no matter what life throws at them. The little things in life can make the biggest difference and clothing is no exception”.  Katie Ellis


Help, safety and mobility at home and in the garden with Mother’s Day Gifts

Bosign tablet and travel pillow

Function and Elegance

Photo of pink gardening seat on wheels

Perfect for Mother’s Day

photo of four hand held gardening tools suggested for Mother's Day

Bought as a range and sold separately


photo of two walking sticks with Flexyfoot tips on the Mother's Day Gift guide

Reducing slips of any surface







  1. This clever, multifunctional Bosign 2 in 1 tablet and neck travel  pillow (designed2enable), is great for travelling, it will support your neck while you snooze and then doubles up as a pillow for your tablet so that you can read or surf in comfort.
  2. The mobile gardening seat (designed2enable) allows you to scoot around the garden with ease. it comes in a fun range of colours and the tray beneath the seat is removable for ease of transporting tools or disposing of garden waste.
  3. The ergonomic handle on this extra-wide scooping trowel (designed2enable) is part of a series of tools designed to maximise leverage and minimise stress on the wrists, making it ideal for older gardeners. The sharp front blade is great for shallow digging, and the serrated edges will cut through roots or bagged garden material. We bought the gardening tools for clients and ourselves following a broken wrist, suitable for any keen gardener and are ideal for those with arthritis or weak hands and wrists. We cannot recommend them more highly.
  4. The Flexyfoot for walking sticks is amazing. Think falls risk for your mum. The new foot tread has been developed to provide improved grip on wet and shiny surfaces, proving up to 250% better at gripping and reducing slips, trips and falls. Too many falls happen at home on slippery kitchen and bathroom floors.



 Engaging the mind with Mother’s Day Gifts


(From left to right: 1. Aquapaint – In the Garden set; 2. 35-piece Spring Stream jigsaw; 3. Count and Stitch set; 4. Scentscape – At Home set)


We love activity gifts, we play tradition games all the time with our clients. These are  available from Unforgettable, and designed specifically to improve quality of life for people living with dementia, by stimulating the mind, sparking memories and prompting conversation with carers and loved ones. We’ve talked about music and activity helping people living with dementia and this company sources tailor made products like no-one else.


  1. Aquapaint products use cleverly designed painting sheets to enable the user to create a piece of artwork using just one material – water. As water is painted on to the sheet, a colourful image appears that then disappears as the water dries, allowing the set to be used time and again. We love the Spring theme of this In the Garden set  others in the range include At Home and At the Seaside.
  2. Jigsaw puzzles are great for dexterity and stimulating conversation, although many mainstream puzzles are complicated by too many pieces. The engaging scene in this 35-piece Spring Stream jigsaw (Unforgettable, £12.49 if you’re buying for someone with dementia and eligible for VAT relief, £14.99 otherwise; use promotional code WELCOMESHS10 for an extra 10% off) provides plenty of discussion prompts; other puzzles with fewer pieces are also available in the range.
  3. Sewing can engage the brain through counting and pattern making, and is great for maintaining coordination whilst also being therapeutic for many people. Count and Stitch Set
  4. The unique Scentsape products combine scents, smelling jars, and a CD of sounds all grouped around a theme, with the aim of stimulating personal memories and conversation. The nostalgic feel of the At Home set


 Getting out and about with Mother’s Day Gifts

(From left to right: 1. Folding walking stick; 2. Drop-me-not walking stick and crutch holder; 3. LED light; 4. Blue badge permit holder)


  1. The floral design on this folding walking stick (designed2enable) will turn heads wherever you go! It is lightweight and height adjustable, folding neatly to fit in a bag or glove compartment when not in use. If you’re not sure what to look for when selecting a walking stick for you or a loved one, check out the great tips in this blog from Seniors Helping Seniors UK and designed2enable.
  2. If you’re constantly having to bend to pick up a walking stick that has fallen over, the Drop-me-not walking stick and crutch holder (designed2enable) could be a great solution for you. The holder can be screwed to a wall – by the door, a chair, or your bed –You’ll never have to scrabble around on the floor again.
  3. Another great accessory for walking stick users, this LED torch light  (designed2enable) attaches neatly to most sticks and canes, providing a powerful beam to guide you to the bathroom at night without disturbing others in the house.
  4. Display your blue badge with pride with this stylish permit covers


Let's Frisbee shower stool for easy showering


Finally, if you do fancy splashing out and spending a little more on your lovely Mum, designed2enable have a clever new shower stool which has just arrived in the UK, called the Let’s Frisbee Shower Stool with a unique cleverly rotating soft cushioned seat that makes it easier to wash and dry yourself. The legs are height adjustable and the anti-sip feet give the best possible footing in the bathroom.


We hope you find our selection helpful, other brands are of course available, and we wish you and your mums a lovely day on Sunday


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