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Retirement, a word that excites many of us, the “never going to work”-ers and for some, can be a plunge into the deep unknown. One thing’s for sure – the experience is different for every person. Whether you are looking for Retirement Jobs Canterbury or Jobs For Retired People Maidenhead. we can help.

This may not be a surprise, but these feelings are usually based on how folks feel about work and how they feel about age.

It seems the days of people working towards retirement, the anticipation, the planning, the excitement and the celebrations are running behind us.

We are less decisive about retirement now. Stopping work may not be a decision made freely, it may be unplanned, and we may not feel confident about it. Being stressed financially and wanting to maintain mental fitness and physical activity in later years adds to all these conflicted emotions about retirement.

Today there are almost 11 million people aged 65 and over. In 10 years’ time, people aged 65 will make up 24% of the population in the UK

Economic inactivity vs retirement

1.3 million people were furloughed during the pandemic. More than 25% of those were over 50 years of age and most have not found suitable work since. It would be incorrect to describe this group as ‘retired’ but they are not working.

The great resignation

Also known as the ‘Big Quit’, the Great Resignation is an economic trend which began early in 2021 reflecting job dissatisfaction, safety concerns, and work-life balance.

Despite headline grabbing ‘mass employment’ and ‘the shortfall in workers’, it remains difficult to find work that fits the work-life balance that people are looking for. Care responsibilities and health issues make traditional jobs untenable and employment for the over-40’s is falling at twice the rate of other age groups.

People want to work

When ‘jobs’ are made suitable and desirable, people have the choice to work for as long as want to.

Seniors Helping Seniors is an example of an organisation creating jobs for people who may traditionally have been considering retirement.  Over the years, we’ve found that many join us looking for new challenges. Whether as a professional carer or for the joy of simply helping others be their best, joining Seniors Helping Seniors is described as the perfect next chapter by many.

We created the Seniors Helping Seniors care job to utilise skills that would otherwise be wasted because people with those skills couldn’t take, couldn’t keep or didn’t want ‘regular’ jobs.

What is a ‘senior’ and what do they do for the organisation?

We Believe being a Senior is not age specific. It is about skills, values and experiences.

Our people are loving, caring, giving, compassionate person with the experience to help an elderly person retain their independence.

The care work at Seniors Helping Seniors is not the care people usually think about.

Our care is Companion care. Although the Canterbury team has a division to provide personal care which is regulated by the CQC, every office provides Companion care.

The care experience required can be care of a loved one or friend – core relational skills and knowledge of ageing issues such as Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Parkinson’s, frailty. Loss of confidence and knowledge of local resources often come from caring for family and friends.

Professional carers, medical professionals and key workers who want to work in less pressured, more flexible environments, are likely to possess the experience we refer to as ‘Senior’, no matter their age.

People who have reassessed how they want to spend their time will find opportunities to suit them at Seniors Helping Seniors and as champions of the Living Wage Foundation, the pay is exemplary and award winning.

Helping the UK out of the care crisis

Seniors Helping Seniors was built to utilise essential skills. The jobs we created have been tailored to meet the requirements of the carers we sought to attract. The great news is – it works! We work with carers some with 20+ years behind them of care that help shape our world and most importantly give both client and employee the unique ability to care from the heart, on their time.

We support our carers the best way we know how, by getting to know them and offering work they WANT to do.

Since the need is huge, we have job opportunities in every office and opportunities for the right people to open offices in their local area.

How does it feel to work with Seniors Helping Seniors?

Meeting people who work with us is always a pleasure. Every person describes their work differently, but everyone appreciates choice.

Len, 68 years of age, works as a Companion.  He joined us in 2019.  Len wasn’t looking for a job but when a friend told him about us, the idea appealed, and he got in touch with us to find out what was involved.

Len says choice played a big part in his decision to work with us and Len says this is “the best job I’ve had since leaving school.” He described his role as the “most fulfilling thing I’ve ever done.”  The company is “respectful of me as a person,” and “values my time more than any other job.” Len says he “learns from our clients every day”.

Len works 35-45 hours a month helping our clients out with activities of daily living such as housework and garden work, trips to the supermarket. Len is a great listener and is hugely knowledgeable. Like all our carers, Len has a genuine interest in our clients and that’s why we say Seniors Helping Seniors is like getting help from your friends. It’s “giving and receiving.”

Len’s wife also works with us, supporting other clients and the couple enjoy being part of the Seniors Helping Seniors team.

Other carers talk about, ‘Not wanting to retire’; “I’m one of those people who “failed” to retire. I need to be active and somehow contribute.”

‘Of friendships’;” if for any reason my client’s social diary is ‘too busy’ for my visit, I really miss seeing her. We have become good friends.”

‘Of helping’; “I like being there to help those who are alone, or whose relatives live a distance away.”

The Seniors Helping Seniors care teams are not restricted by age in anyway. Carers are matched with clients on personality, skills, interests, availability and location and carers work as much or as little as they wish. The company supports carers fully and takes care of the schedules, and payments including benefits, deductions, travel and holiday pay.

We are proud that our Carers see and experience the freedom and choice which is traditionally associated with retirement, in work. They also talk about a sense of purpose, of giving back. The financial rewards and the structure associated with work help meet the needs of everyone in these ever more costly times.

Seniors Helping Seniors is an ideal job for people who are re-thinking their work life balance for whatever reason and want to give and receive.

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