Elderly Care as a Personal Services Franchise

Personal Services franchises was the fastest growing business sector of 2018.  Seniors Helping Seniors is raising expectations of ageing,  so people can look forward to the last chapters of their lives as they should. Our elderly care services offer  people with important skills and life experience flexible work opportunities to lift and reward them and we offer people the kind of elderly care they want, need and enjoy.

Ian Hudspeth chairs the wellbeing board of the Local Government Association, he said that elderly care would “buckle under the weight of demand without more money”

All this because market failures, systemic flaws in regulation and a prevalent risk aversion have prevented innovation. Service offerings have stagnated in the elderly care sector.  Few companies have tried to do things differently.

Low Risk Innovation with a Personal Services Franchise

Franchising (which means repeating a successful model in different locations) is less risky.  The innovation has been done, all the legalists, compliances and regulations have been ironed out and systemised.

Business franchising is one of the safest and most risk-free ways to start up and run a successful business. Banks in the UK favour lending to franchised businesses. Personal Services franchises have been the fastest growing sector over the last few years.

Seniors Helping Seniors is a mature, strong brand. Over twenty years in America and seven years in UK.

The service has innovated systems that work for carers and clients and the service wins outstanding client reviews and Franchise success. The company is already a Top 20 Home Care Group in the UK at homecare.co.uk and it’s been upgraded by the British Franchise Association because of the approved systems and procedures.

According to the 2018 NatWest survey of the franchise sector for the British Franchise Association, Seniors Helping Seniors is in the largest growth sector of 2018. The Personal services sector.

The growth of Personal Services Franchises

Personal Services deliver services rather than goods. Personal Services Franchises tend to be listed either as care services or home services.

73% of businesses operating from a home or home office are profitable and the survey says ‘While there are no significant differences between smaller and larger businesses in terms of profitability, those who have invested more than £20k when setting up the business tend to have higher profitability than those who have invested less’

With the help  award wins for scalable social entrepreneurship, Seniors Helping Seniors UK invested privately. The pilot office became sustainable quickly and profit-for-purpose backs up all the franchising activities.

Experience of driving new concepts commercially and unshakeable beliefs in the doing the right thing, has paid off. The Seniors Helping Seniors brand has been instrumental in disrupting stereotypical images of Ageing. Their launch video ‘Biker Granny’ appeals to the rock and roll generation. The services support wish lists as well as activities of daily life. Franchisees call the offer a “breath of fresh air”

Photo of a waterfall depicting A personal Services Franchise providing freedom in life even in later years

Personal Services Franchise Setting goals and fulfilling dreams

Traditional care models have failed, so scaling innovative care that works, is essential.

Fortunately, there are  people who want to use their business skills to do good. People want improve their community doing something they know to be needed and people want to secure their own futures by running their own businesses.

Improving Care in Communities

People like Keith and Barbara Reddy are improving care in their community.  Keith and Barbara converted 30 years of banking and civil engineering experience, a lifetime of caring for family and community work into the 4thSeniors Helping Seniors in the UK. They are opening the doors in Sevenoaks, Tonbridge, West Malling this month.

Zoe and Paul Martin,  wrapped  up a career running their award winning estate agency to  open Seniors Helping Seniors in Ashford and Swale Kent.

Seniors Helping Seniors Guildford is owned and run by Andy Boothman who ran a cleaning franchise in the same area some years previously and his career is logistics.

Are you looking to help communities in Winchester, Southampton, Cambridge, Essex, Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire?

The UK confirm the global mission “I’ve always believed that no human should leave this earth without feeling love, dignity, and compassion. So the more offices we open, the more people we can reach, the better”  The current focus is to find the right people to run a Seniors Helping Seniors in South East and East UK.   There some very exciting franchise areas available on great terms.

Customers say it is now possible to age well in UK

Reviews from families say “Seniors Helping Seniors have been a lifeline for my mum and our family, and have contributed to making it possible for mum to stay in her own home living independently” and “we absolutely could not have done it without you all”

The growth of Seniors Helping Seniors offers very significant feel good for all concerned. It is possible to age well in UK when companions and assistants support people to do the things they  love to do. Ageing demands flexibility and Seniors Helping Seniors is a Customer Services award winner because of the flexibility it builds into its schedules and a very personal approach. It’s a joy to run.

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