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1 Million Minutes

How long does it take pass the time of day with someone? There are 1 million lonely people in UK and the call is for 1 Million Minutes to help solve the crisis .. One million minutes

It’s called 1 Million Minutes because there are more than 1 million older people in the UK don’t speak […]

What care options are there for people on a budget?

Choose is a UK price comparison site, focused on helping consumers find the best deal and understand their rights.  When the editors saw the BBC programme on how Seniors Helping Seniors provides a much needed alternative to state funded care which is failing, the asked Christian to write about the elderly care options people have […]

What rights do people in care have?

More than 80% of local authorities have reduced spending in real terms on social care for older people over the past five years, leading to reports of private companies that deliver care in the community handing back their contracts to local authorities as “undeliverable”.
As the Care Quality Commission (CQC) put it in a recent report, […]