Award winning in-home elderly care and companionship

Welcome to Seniors Helping Seniors® an award winning elderly care service  providing non-medical, in-home services. We match seniors who need help with a senior care Provider. We create a relationship built on your individual requirements and the ups and downs in your life. We can help meet your specific needs and provide a senior care provider who will match your personality and interests.

We help you be you. We can help out just a little or a lot. The service is flexible.

We have a local Provider who will help around the home, with transportation, meal preparation, and anything else that is needed.  We have experience with dementia related conditions and other long term conditions people live with.  Our services are award winning. We help the elderly live well and safely in their own home. 

We work with the community, local GPs local charities e.g Age UK

 Christian & Sally Wilse,   Owners of Seniors Helping Seniors (UK) LimitedWe can help 24/7  

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