1705, 2019

Franchise opportunities

Franchise Opportunities in the UK
The International Franchise show at Excel (IFS) is one of our favourite place to go to meet enthusiastic people looking for a home for their talents and their futures.  Excel is a perfect catchment for our current drive to reach people in South East and East of England looking for franchise […]

2703, 2019

Mother’s Day Gift Guide for independent mums

With Mother’s Day just around the corner (Sunday 31st March) we have added to our original Mother’s Day Gift Guide suggestions designed specifically with seniors’ needs in mind.

We have kept our customers’ favourites in our Mother’s Day Gift Guide because nothing is better than recommendations. The products have been designed, tried and tested with independence […]

502, 2019

Personal Services Franchise

Elderly Care as a Personal Services Franchise
Personal Services franchises was the fastest growing business sector of 2018.  Seniors Helping Seniors is raising expectations of ageing,  so people can look forward to the last chapters of their lives as they should. Our elderly care services offer  people with important skills and life experience flexible work opportunities […]

2112, 2018

Franchise upgrade for Seniors Helping Seniors

Associate Membership
The BFA announced “Seniors Helping Seniors® UK  has an established franchise model, policies, procedures and systems capable of supporting multiple franchise outlets. The improvements made to the business, its growth and development are recognised by The British Franchise Association with Associate Membership” because has the care company is proven in the UK in addition to […]

609, 2018

Founder’s Day – Celebrating 20 years!

20 years ago, on September 5th  1998, Kiran and Philip Yocom first began providing in-home care services

Before coming to the United States from India, Kiran worked with Mother Teresa for 14 years. From her, she learned that “goodness always brings you blessings”. When Kiran met 78-year-old retired military nurse, Janette Reber, she saw she had […]

1805, 2018

Dementia Action Week 2018

There is growing awareness but sadly no cure’s in sight. In-fact cure wise, nothing major has happened for 15 years.

Prevention and self-help advice comes thick and fast and there is a growing determination to create a dementia-friendly UK, where people with dementia are included and family members are supported.

We chose a craft activity for Dementia […]

1902, 2018

Ultra-Processed food, What’s behind the headlines and what does it mean to you?

We are passionate about fresh food and traditional cooking with our clients.  And we are very mindful of nutrition and personal tastes, so here’s a look behind the Ultra-processed food and Cancer risk headlines
Research conducted by the NutriNet-Santé prospective cohort in Brazil and France was published in the BMJ 14/2/18. It gave rise to alarming headlines […]

2711, 2017

1 Million Minutes

How long does it take pass the time of day with someone? There are 1 million lonely people in UK and the call is for 1 Million Minutes to help solve the crisis .. One million minutes

It’s called 1 Million Minutes because there are more than 1 million older people in the UK don’t speak […]

1210, 2017

People’s Champion Award 2017

With four years under our belts and a thriving enterprise that thrills us every day, it is humbling to be shortlisted People’s Champion for the 14th Startups Award.

I was made redundant shortly after my 50th birthday (there’s plenty to reveal about all of that which I’m saving for another day!)  Redundancy and midlife adjustments were, thankfully, in […]

2009, 2017

Cholesterol and what it means

Having excessive levels of bad cholesterol in your body is not a good thing, and that’s no different whether you’re old or young.

In the elderly bad cholesterol can be more serious, as underlying health problems can exacerbate the situation and excessive bad cholesterol can make it  harder to get other health issues under control.

So what […]