Coast-is-clear- Care in actionIf you’re looking for a rewarding way to help others, Seniors Helping Seniors® may just be what you are searching for. What is our definition of a senior? It is less about a specific number and more about finding individuals who are mature, caring, and compassionate and can relate to the ageing process. We believe that:

  • Seniors can help each other age more gracefully, happily, and productively
  • Seniors who provide care and companionship love the work

we know that for the right people, being a senior helping other seniors is a very rewarding position …a way to give and to receive®

Work as much or as little as you want

We are always looking for loving, giving, caring, compassionate people.  Each of our helpers works as many hours  as he or she wants.

Supplement your income

Most of the people who work with Seniors Helping Seniors® were looking for volunteer jobs, seeking activities that would add meaning to their lives. Working as a senior helping other seniors means you will be making an important contribution. It also provides you with an hourly wage we are proud of.

No experience necessary. But lots of heart required.

Seniors Helping Seniors® would like to talk to you if you can offer companionship or a particular service. Many of our seniors who help out are recently retired or want to work a few specific hours.  Being senior is not about a number it’s about life experience and sharing.

Contact us today to find out more

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Seniors Helping Seniors® has a proprietary process of accepting people into our team.