The ageing population brings new issues and new opportunities.

Seniors Helping Seniors has over twenty year’s experience providing uniquely valuable elderly care and employment opportunities for people as they age.

Elderly care is an honour and here below is some of the press on how we work and our franchise opportunities in South-East and East UK

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National News: HomeCare Insights editor Sarah Clarke interviewed us about our part in championing the Real Living Wage in the care sector

October 2020

HomeCare Insights editor Sarah Clarke interviewed us about our part in championing the Real Living Wage in the care sector and how we value carers.
  Seniors Helping Seniors is a champion for the Living Wage Foundation. The Foundations’s Living Wage Week celebrations (9-16 Nov) this year focusses #social-care
“There are now over 210 accredited care providers in the UK, including domiciliary care provider.  Seniors Helping Seniors increased its hourly rate by 5% in August to £10, plus holiday pay of 12.07%”
Read more here

The British Franchise Association feature our improved franchise package

See the feature here

August 2020

How do you know if a care company is trust worthy?

Care of the elderly is a sector where trust is everything The Web videos team talk about conveying trust through our video

National News: Sue Learner reports on our delegation from Korea who came to find out how to get ahead of their elderly care crisis

Researchers saw how we tackle two of the most pressing problems of an ageing society.  The population in Korea looks similar to the UK’s twenty years ago when Seniors Helping Seniors launched and they are planning ahead, seeking knowledge and learning process that have outstanding outcomes for people and for community.  We welcomed the delegation and their interpreter to our home for a round table discussion about how we have changed the narrative around ageing and providing work for older people who are uniquely well qualified for the work.

Korean government delegation fact finding discussion with Seniors Helping Seniors

Local Government delegation from Korea visits Seniors Helping Seniors

November 2019

Read the full story here: 

National News: The British Franchise Association published their Next generation series

 May 2019

International brands coming to the UK – how international brands are seeing the opportunities of setting up operations in the UK.

For years international brands have found a home here in the UK, The British Franchise Association explore how brands do that and they asked us why and how we brought Seniors Helping Seniors to the UK

A US to UK franchise story

Sally & Christian Wilse became the master franchisees for Seniors Helping Seniors, an elderly care service that provides non-medical, in-home care services. Starting off in the US more than 20 years ago, they first made the foray into the UK in 2013.

Sally explains “Trust is paramount in Care. 20 years of success stories and client references is a great foundation to build on. We thought it was especially valuable in a litigious country like America.

“We loved everything about what the founders and franchisees were doing and the magic gut feeling was there from the outset.

“Beyond the initial master license agreements and fees, our commitment was the investment and skill to anglicise our offer and to build a UK story.

Sally continues, “We met the UK regulators, the key players at the time, and the thought leaders in the care and the employment sectors.

“Only after full due diligence did we set about building our UK reputation from scratch ourselves. We were in full knowledge that UK and US markets are vastly different.

“Launching and running the first UK Seniors Helping Seniors was a breath of fresh air to us. We deliberately started in a relatively poor area of Kent, so our success solidly proves the model.”

Christian Wilse adds, “With more than 300 franchisees globally, Seniors Helping Seniors entering the UK from the US speaks to the strength of Britain as a franchise ecosystem. The founders look for local people to run master franchises as the value of local expertise is key.”

Franchising is the way to expand

Franchising remains one of best ways to grow nationally and internationally

Read the full story here:—may-2019.pdf

National News: Seniors Helping Seniors sat down with Franchise Direct UK for a Q&A showcasing our franchise opportunity. Watch this video to learn more about why our elderly care business is unique and how you could be part of it.

photo of Sally Wilse filming the Q&A about work for the ageing population

Q&A about our work for the Ageing population

The International Franchise show at Excel (IFS) at the Excel is perfect for our current drive to reach prospective franchisees from South-East and East of England.

We believe care franchisees deserve loyalty, passion, knowledge and commitment from their franchisor even more than other franchisees.

The best franchise opportunities include teaching the best business skills and in this article, copied here by kind permission from Franchise  Direct, we talk about our unique approach to teaching PR.

How do franchisees build a customer base?

Recommendations and happy customers will share their stories and even though free editorial is becoming more challenging, newspapers need advertising revenue and journalists have very little time, it is still possible to get editors to cover a great story.

For Seniors Helping Seniors, news about our innovative service has reached a lot of potential customers through local press and we partnered Lisa from DoPR to share some tips through two workshops.

How do you get free editorial and does it matter?

Yes it matters! When editorial talks about the benefits of your business, your customers pay attention.

You get free editorial content through well executed Public Relations.

Free content is called ‘earned media’.  Earning it is a skill and it can be time consuming and hard work.

Public Relations

Public relations (PR) needs to be a cornerstone of business and we believe it should be a big part of the training and support for franchisees.

We place public relations support alongside core business functions.

Seniors Helping Seniors is lucky because our mission is media friendly and we have a strong foundation to build on.

Seniors Helping Seniors franchisees benefit from national coverage on the BBC TV, National newspapers, radio, regular mentions in lifestyle magazines, mentions in books about living well and ageing well and interviews by commenters on elderly care and employment of older people.

Our service is about local knowledge and local expertise, so the news makes great local stories.

Seniors Helping Seniors teach our franchisees Public Relations.  Do PR  believes in teaching businesses to do their own PR – just like giving a man a fishing rod, rather than one fish at a time.

DO PR’s PR strategy

Lisa has helped design our PR training so it’s fun, effective and the message is to help society by raising the expectations of ageing in Britain.

Here’s what’s involved in the Seniors Helping Seniors franchise opportunity PR offer:

  • Annual PR Planning
  • Press Release templates and media lists
  • PR training sessions for all franchisees
  • 24/7 support for all franchisees includes access to our bespoke PR suite, PR expertise and social media

The same package is available to other franchisors. Lisa from Do PR is offering a 20% discount using code IFS19* for franchisors signing up by July 2019.

Other PR agencies are available but here’s why we’ve never recommended the PR Agency model for start-ups. Read more from here 

The benefits of franchising appeals most when job opportunities are more uncertain than ever and when 50% of new businesses fail in the first year, people are less inclined to go it alone. Read more from the BFA about 2018 Survey of best franchises here

Care is known to be a great sector to be in because of the ageing population and by re-invented retirement for local people, we have a sustainable and positive care model with massive social impact. We have earned good publicity in the UK for it and just as the service is about independence,  we help our franchisees to formulate and tell their own stories for the world to see.

From being franchisees ourselves, we know franchisees need mentors, loyalty and skills as well as the promise of glittering futures.

PR is a skill that we are investing heavily in, and we’d be keen to see other franchisors do the same.

National News:Franchise Direct’s editor wrote about the International Franchise Show.  She described the demand for franchises in the Care Sector and how the Seniors Helping Seniors care model is unique.

Blog is copied here below by kind permission of the editor

Read the article direct here:

On the 5th and 6th of April, the Franchise Direct UK team headed to London to exhibit at the International Franchise Show in the ExCel.

The show was on from 10am until 4pm and it’s fair to say the Franchise Direct team were kept busy! We were at stand 741 and the attendance on both days was excellent. We were delighted to have an opportunity to meet our clients and to network with other franchisors and franchisees. There was an impressive variety of franchise opportunities on offer in sectors such as propertyfoodhealthcare and pets. There really was something for everyone at this year’s show, which certainly explains the high attendance rate! It was the perfect place to learn more about franchising in the UK and the first steps needed to get the ball rolling for 2019.

As the 2018 bfa NatWest Franchise Survey reported, care franchises are booming in the UK and it was no surprise that lots of the exhibitors at this year’s event were in the care sector. High quality care services are needed more than ever – 18% of people residing in the UK are over the age of 65 and 80% of them own their own home! Older people are living longer and staying in their own homes, thanks to the amazing care services available. If you’re considering running a care franchise this year, there really is no better industry to thrive in.

Franchisor Sally Wilse was exhibiting this year to promote her brand Seniors Helping Seniors. It is a unique care franchise that matches experienced carers with people requiring help to live independently at home. Sally states: “We love the ExCel as a venue. We’d say it attracts the people we want to meet from the South East and East of England better than any other. Our brand has had coverage on the BBC and in national press and it was great to share how we do that.”

Franchise Direct conducted video interviews with selected clients at the show, which went very well. In the video, clients were asked to explain what their business is about, the type of training is provided, the skills needed from prospective franchisees and what successful franchisees can expect. Thank you to everyone who participated! The content has added something very unique to the website and will certainly resonate with visitors. We were delighted to receive such positive feedback on the high quality leads we provide, as well as our excellent customer service.

This care franchise is looking for a few ordinary people with extraordinary hearts to open an in-home care service making the headlines for all the right reasons.

Two things are true in an ageing society: Millions of people, 45 years old and over, want or need to work in flexible, local, well paid jobs that value their experience and millions of elderly people need help to live independently. Seniors Helping Seniors® is right place, right time.

People like it best when they are helped by people they get on with, and Seniors Helping Seniors® carefully match loving experienced people with time on their hands, to people who need some help to live independently in their own homes.

Seniors Helping Seniors® is a fully managed care service helping families who live away from their relatives in an award winning way and we helping self- funders and people spending their care allowances. We are signposted by charities, GP’s, dementia specialists and social prescribers because wellbeing and purposeful living is proven. Our services give comfort, peace of mind and enthusiasm.

Seniors Helping Seniors® executes the highest business ethics and we are looking for committed people who share our values. 

Our 20-year-old brand has an enviable global record. Our franchisees in the UK are winning awards and receiving outstanding reviews from carers and clients alike because of the specialist care we provide. We have exciting low-cost franchise offers in South East and East of England for the right people and we would love to hear from you.

We started Seniors Helping Seniors® in the UK, to disrupt the care sector and we have already been covered by the BBC who said our service is unique and offers greater understanding and empathy.

Seniors Helping Seniors® does not offer ‘personal care’ as a service. We provide everything else. Because we are not ‘medical’, we are not regulated by the Care Quality Commission (out of scope for CQC) so our businesses save all the time and costs that comes with regulation. Our service follows CQC standards as a minimum and clients rave about our care.

Seniors Helping Seniors® is service as it should be. We win awards for our care and our customer service. We prioritise our carers in everything we do, we hire the very best and we have no issues with recruiting or keeping carers (Recruitment is the number one problem with every other care provider.) 

We have an enviable track record for franchisees. Every franchisee has given us top scores for training and support. We know how it feels to start a business and we are with you every step of the way with 24/7 support if you need it, but we do not smother you. You know your community best and we will recruit you to trust you. People without professional care experience are welcome, we have low start-up fees and the home-based operation costs are low.

Every day at Seniors Helping Seniors® feels great. You’ll be working with loving, giving, caring and compassionate people and using your business skills and local connections to build a legacy for yourself, whilst doing something very positive in your community. 

From the day you start to do your research people will tell you “YES, do this!” From the day you start providing much needed work for people and much needed elderly care, people will be thanking you.

Our business processes are streamlined and efficient and our brand has a great reputation, so you hit the ground running in your own territory. 

This is a generous-spirited, efficient and trusted people business. Support comes from Canterbury in Kent.

Seniors Helping Seniors® is a Top Ten and Top Twenty most recommended home care group in the UK and we are local business award winners. We are BFA members. BBC featured us and care commissioning groups call us “perfect primary care” When your customers are the some of the most vulnerable people in society, customer services awards say a lot about why we do what we do. 

We have always believed that no human should leave this earth without feeling love, dignity, and compassion. The more offices we open, the more people we can reach, the better and our ethical franchise helps us reach more communities.

Seniors (85+) is the fastest growing age group in the UK and over half need some level of help. The number of people who need help continues to expand rapidly. Seniors Helping Seniors® is privately owned, we make our decisions based on what is right and not what makes our profit. We support our franchisees every step of the way.

We are a business that prioritises doing great work – Please give us a call if you are considering us. We are currently looking for franchise partners in South East and East England and we have some amazing opportunities we are very excited about.

A Case Study with Christian and Sally Wilse

April 5th 2019

reproduced here by kind permission of Franchise Direct

In this case study for the Seniors Helping Seniors franchise, Sally and Christian Wilse discuss why they started in care, what their days are like and about their future. Reproduced here by kind permission of Franchise Direct please see below on what it’s like to work with this unique care opportunity.

What did you do before you bought a franchise business?

Christian: “I worked for charities, Premier League and sport rights, film and broadcast, technology and software. I moved from Norway to England in 1990 when I met Sally”

Sally was born in Kent and took her degree in comparative healthcare systems. Her career in publishing started on Senior Nurse magazine and ended in media analysis for companies.

Sally and Christian have built new businesses and taught business concepts around the world, living in London, Oslo, and Canterbury.

Christian and Sally have four children and recently became proud grandparents.


Christian explains “I have always loved my work. I’ve had fancy titles and good salaries but I have always craved what I’d call a real purpose. I’ve always wanted to do something that truly mattered to people. Seniors Helping Seniors came at the right time for me”

Sally found out about the great work Seniors Helping Seniors does in America.

Sally Comments: “I saw an advertisement in an in-flight magazine. It was a very humble advertisement. I realised Seniors Helping Seniors tackles two of the biggest social problems of an ageing society. Elderly care and employment opportunities for people as they age. I couldn’t get the simple logic of it out of my mind.”

What sold you on franchising? Why didn’t you start your own business or stay employed?

Christian comments “Sally and I have always disrupted industries. Disrupting is more than improving products or services. Disrupting means having a completely different approach. Being made redundant in our early 50’s was a blessing. We took the time to evaluate properly.

About staying employed, I think we’d done making money for other people! And the constant uncertainty of it was unpleasant. We knew what it takes to start new businesses. Starting something un-tested is high risk. Franchising allows you to leapfrog all the testing.”

Why the Seniors Helping Seniors franchise?

Sally comments: “Once I found Seniors Helping Seniors in-home care service, it kept coming back to us. Nothing else was as important and disruptive. Seniors Helping Seniors is independently owned. No Venture Capital.

Seniors Helping Seniors was the win win. Offering people flexible local work that they are uniquely qualified to do as they age, is the reason people can receive the elderly care and support they need. Everybody benefits in different ways.

It is not traditional ‘care’ because we do not provide personal care or medical services.. It is the work people want to do and the care people agree to most easily. Our focus is encouragement and support as opposed to ‘doing things for people’ Only Seniors Helping Seniors has this approach.

Christian went to meet the founders in America and he was astounded by the passion and innovation. The chemistry was there from the outset”

Christian comments: “I visited the founders and met some of the 250 partners in America in 2013”

Due Diligence

Christian comments, “The UK desperately needs services like these.

We bought a master franchise license in early 2013 and set about repeating the success in the UK.

The straight forward, honourable and joyful approach to ageing is so refreshing. Everybody feels it, and the social impact is powerful.”

Opening our first office

Christian says “The first Seniors Helping Seniors in the UK started in East Kent and everything about it has been amazing.

The services make people happy, the social impact is outstanding and the ROI is 20% + The offices that followed East Kent, grow faster and forecast bigger. Our master franchise license means we re-invest in the franchising side of the operation. We are well on track and opening our fifth office. Building on the success of our first office is everything I could have hoped for.”

How did you start your Care franchise? Did you need care experience? Did you take outside investment?

After training in America, taking UK courses and consulting stakeholders in the sector locally and nationally, Christian launched Seniors Helping Seniors for Canterbury and Thanet in late 2013.

He found his core group of carers and the first clients easily. Christian explains “It’s a business you can run from home so the set-up, initial investment and running costs are low. The master franchise was a big investment. We took advantage of loans and grants available to businesses with a high social impact, and award wins that were available to us because of the innovation in the services.

It’s a management franchise, so technically I didn’t need to do care courses but I wanted to educate myself so I could be hands on when needed and support ‘the best of the best. I’ve met exceptionally skilled people doing great work.”

Simple ideas work best

Christian adds: “Like all the best ideas, this is a simple idea. We mobilise people with some time on their hands, to help people who need support.

20 years of success

We knew we were providing outstanding elderly care from day one. We had 20 years’ success in the US as our guide. Christian says, “Seniors Helping Seniors UK was firmly established after three years.

Since then it’s been about repetition. Every person is different and every family and community teaches us something new but the processes are rock solid”

Sally says “Seniors Helping Seniors has been a life changing experience for us. It’s the most important work we have ever done. I can feel that we are driving new standards in elderly care and local employment for people. The people we have met campaigning for better care are outstanding and I love to be part of very positive changes.”

Awards, Accolades, Anniversaries

Sally adds: “We are coming up to our sixth anniversary with several key awards under our belts.

Our local Care Commissioning Group (CCG) refers to us as “perfect primary care” and referrals come from customers, carers, care co-ordinators and charities. We are signposted throughout the community and we do some ground-breaking work with our clients that not only makes a tremendous difference to their lives, it also gets us press.

We love demonstrating what people need to be well supported and the kind of work people want to do and excel at”


Christian comments “We adapted what works in America to the UK properly.

We are trusted Care providers in the UK. I love the care and work we provide through In Canterbury and Thanet, but I love the care and work we provide from our franchised offices even more because it magnifies everything. Loving, caring, giving and compassionate carers truly change worlds for families.”

Sally comments,“We are British Franchise Association members (BFA) and the Seniors Helping Seniors brand helps carers and clients through our franchised offices.

We impact over a million people currently. Our aim is to impact over a million more quickly.

Angel investor

We have proved the concept is teachable and repeatable in the UK through our five offices and we just won a national publicity prize because our concept is unique. An angel investor is helping us shout from the rooftops about the great work we do”.

What are the challenges?

Christian explains “The greatest challenges for other care companies, are not our challenges! The best part about Seniors Helping Seniors is having no shortage of amazing carers. Professional carers and ‘experts-by-experience’ love to work for us because this is the caring they want to do.

Because people are living longer, many people need to earn and others want to do something worthwhile with their time. We understand their priorities and how they want to work and we deliver for them. There is no shortage of clients either.

The biggest challenge is work life balance. It’s not easy to close the office when you work from home and you love what you do!”

Why don’t you work with the Care Quality Commission (CQC)

Christian comments: “CQC do not regulate our services because we are ‘out of scope’. We do not offer personal care or medical care and our focus is non-personal and non-medical support. The challenge has turned out to be a benefit because we do not have to invest time and money with regulators. We drive our own outstanding services. Our customers references are more than enough.

We put our carers at the centre of our operations so that people can work flexibly and locally. We decided to be Living Wage Champions from the beginning, so our carers are paid well. They have choice in the work they do and they feel like they are volunteering their time with each client. Even though the CQC does not regulate their work, Seniors Helping Seniors carers are the best of the best”

What are your days like?

Christian comments: “My day job as manager of a Seniors Helping Seniors office is meeting clients and the families, choosing and introducing them to the right carer and managing processes.


We regard the people we care for, their friends, their families and their support network as our customers. Seniors Helping Seniors won the Customer Services Award for fully managing elderly care in this way”


Seniors Helping Seniors UK is a Top Ten and Top Twenty most recommended care agency group in UK. BBC news aired a feature on the benefits and prospects our care service.

Christian comments: “I’ve never had the BBC do a story on my work before, so, with our 9.910 customer rating, I think the pride we have in our carers and our company is well placed. ally and I have never been happier or more excited about what we do every day.”

What will you be doing 5 and 10 years from now?

We’ve re-invented retirement for our carers and we’ll do that for ourselves as business owners. Some of our carers are already moving into admin roles. In five to ten year’s we’ll have more support in the business but we’ll still be independent. Just like our customers”

Final comment from Sally: “This is our legacy. Sensible things like, helping other people to do well, keeping things fair and simple, and working sustainably, resonate well with our business and our life values. Never stop doing what feels right.”

National News: Homecare asks us how we help our clients

March 29th 2019

Sue Learner of homecare asks us how we help our clients stay active

Read the full article here

Ninety-two-year-old gets back in pool after decades calling it ‘best day of my life’

With the help of her care worker, a nonagenarian has taken up swimming again after decades, calling it the “best day of my life”.

The 92-year-old hadn’t been in a swimming pool in years. But she now swims regularly and loves the “freedom” of it, thanks to her care worker from Seniors Helping Seniors.Colin Meager visits her daily, prompting her to take her medication, as well as supporting her at home and during mealtimes. The pair often go for walks in the woods but due to concerns over her knees, they decided to give swimming a go, with her family calling it a “resounding success”.Her son says: “Mum comes home overjoyed after swimming. I think that this is one of the best things that has happened to her for years.”After swimming, she is “noticeably very upbeat, chatting more, smiling more and incredibly positive”, according to her care worker Colin Meager.The home care provider in Harrow, Guildford, Canterbury, and Tonbridge employs able, older people to care for their fellow elderly in all the surrounding towns and villages.Ninety-two-year-old with care worker, Colin MeagerTheir oldest caregiver is 83 but the average age is 65-75. Founders Christian and Sally Wilse have found using older caregivers can really help if the person they are caring for has dementia, saying: “They may be resistant to someone coming into the home to care for them but if they are a similar age, they often think they are a friend and refer to them as a friend.”
The 92-year-old who is living with dementia is on an exercise referral scheme, which gives discounted activity sessions and recommended exercise for people with diagnoses. Referrals can be issued by any registered health professional such as a GP, consultant. physiotherapist, dietician, nurse specialist or OneYou health advisor.Seniors Helping Seniors believe the key to embarking on activity is companionship. Sally Wilse says: “It’s tough to do something new, especially when you’re confronted with a new diagnosis or you just can’t get yourself motivated like you used to.”Seniors Helping Seniors is recruiting people interested in running a centre in their own community in South-East and East England. Already reaching over one million people, the organisation is aiming for another million in the next year through approved ethical franchising.

National News: The British Franchise Association

As part of the Empowering women in business Sally Wilse Talks Principals in Business

Republished here by kind permission. Read the full story here:

Being made redundant is never easy, but it can be especially daunting when it happens to you at 50. This happened to Sally Wilse, and it was a blessing in disguise. While she had built successful corporate structures and business models that were repeated, she felt that corporates did not align with her values and so when she was made redundant, she searched for opportunities that met her principals. This led her to the franchise Seniors Helping Seniors. Here, we speak to her about why she enjoys her business, and how she moved on from the corporate career.

What made you decide to invest in a business? 

I think we all have a purpose in life and it’s amazing how life keeps giving you the opportunity to choose the right path. When I reached a crossroads aged 50, instead of looking for another corporate position, I looked for an investment opportunity

I now realise that I probably needed until that point to learn  the skills I’d need to make a success of my own business. I knew Seniors Helping Seniors was the opportunity I’d been waiting for because it brought me back full circle. My childhood goals were to be involved with caring and health care. My first degree was in healthcare

I was made redundant so I had a financial cushion and that helped a lot. I decided to use my redundancy money to support myself while I established the care business that I’d fallen in love as soon as I saw it.

I also had fire in my belly because my age was a factor in my redundancy and I was very very cross about it.

Most people think 40-50 years of age, are going to be their ten most productive years, the years when they make solid progress towards securing a decent future for themselves and their family.

I’d joined a start up at forty years of age and I’d given it my total commitment. I’d been told the corporate structure I helped build would see me through to the end of my career. The company had done well, yet I was laid off for reasons beyond my control.

My job involved reproducing the company’s core offer through different managers and different teams to different clients in different locations. I had started the first UK office, for a Scandinavian company and by the time I left, the business model had been repeated 56 times. I felt proud of the people I’d mentored and of my personal achievements and I had learned how to repeat a business model and a culture. It was perfect experience for my master franchise role.

The decision to look forwards after a redundancy put me at the right place at the right time. I put all my energy into the business and making it work. Championing older workers was central to the business so I utilised the fire in my belly.

My last few corporate years made me sensitive to all the issues around ageism in the workplace and I vowed to do something very significant around the pressures of ageing. Women do not exclusively shoulder the responsibility of raising children and caring for family in sickness and frailty but the impact on their careers seems to be greater than that of a man’s career.

The reality is people get more valuable as they age, not less valuable. The more life experience a person has the better. My business has proved that life experience pays off very well. Particularly in Care because people like to be cared for by people close to their own age.

How has your life changed since?

Immeasurably. I have found my thing. All my friends and family see I have found my purpose in life. It has impacted my well-being and my prospects.  I look better, I have much more energy. I have focus and passion and I feel particularly good because my business helps people.

I am working very hard but my time is effective. I love that there are no corporate hoops to jump through. I am in control of my own future, no one is going to pull the rug from under me and I have lost that fight or flight stress of corporate life.

I am providing a great service and I am providing local, flexible, well paid and enjoyable work where experience and local knowledge pays off. Our oldest colleague is 84! and our oldest franchisee in the UK is 75 years of age) Age is a number. Experience, personality and attitude is what counts.

People love to use our service and I am providing much needed work opportunities for people. . All our business processes are honest and straight forward. Our services keep people living well and independently as long as they can. Every person who provides the service, including myself, feel better for doing it. I am also learning every single day.

I’m creating a legacy for myself and my family. I have always told my children to reach for the stars and as a new grandma, I am loving showing them how to do just that! It is never too late.

What challenges have you faced in your career history and how have you overcome them?

My big challenges came when I was asked to “profit from others” in my previous jobs. Implementing terms of business I didn’t like for a corporation’s gain. I got crisis management training to try to overcome the challenge but it didn’t really work. It never sat well with me and I argued in favour of the customer too much.

I vowed never ever to be put in that position again. The terms of business in my own company could not be more customer focussed. They are honest and open and straight forward. I have created terms of business that I am proud of . This is business as it should be and everyone loves it. Terms that favour the client is a rare thing in the Care sector and I’m loving making raving fans of people who really need help and support. Disrupting the sector and doing things differently has always been my thing. Doing the right thing by people, makes great business sense.

What advice do you have for women considering a similar change?

Three pieces of advice.

  • Stand by your principles in business.
  • Collaborate
  • You don’t have to re-invent the wheel. A franchised business will give you a network of support and experience. So you save time.

What qualities does it take to own and run a business?

People skills and communication skills are the most important. You need to demonstrate your mission consistently through everything you do.

Are you able to achieve a work-life balance?

Yes. Saving time commuting is amazing. Local work makes sense in so many ways. I have time for a bit of exercise and proper cooking.

What‘s an achievement that you are most proud of? And how to you measure success?

A happy client makes me very proud because it impacts entire families. We measure our success by what clients tell us every day. Client reviews come thick and fast when you are providing a great service and word of mouth is better than everything else.

I am very proud of the  win wins in my business. The person we are paying to provide the services gets happy and more well in the process of caring.

What advice would you give to yourself ten years ago?

Stop working yourself hard to make money for other people.

Do you have a mantra?

Doing the right thing makes great money, not the other way around. Doing good, feels great

Do you have any female role models? Any why?

Kiran Yacoum who started Seniors Helping Seniors in America 20 years ago, saw that doing good for others, keeps people well and she made a business out of repeating her local success across America. She found a way to give experience a monetary value. People prefer receiving elderly care from people close in age to themselves and people who care keep well because they feel good about what they are doing every day.

What is the future for women-run businesses?  

Equal and Limitless

National News: The British Franchise Association

Upgrades Seniors Helping Seniors

January 4th 2019

Seniors Helping Seniors UK upgraded by British Franchise Association

Seniors Helping Seniors is delighted to announce that their membership with the British Franchise Association (bfa) has been upgraded to Associate Membership.

The BFA announced “Seniors Helping Seniors UK has a proven and established network. An established franchise model, policies, procedures and systems capable of supporting multiple franchise outlets. The improvements made to the business, its growth and development are recognised by The British Franchise Association with Associate Membership”

Franchising is a sector that continues to grow and the 2018 BFA NatWest franchise Survey found more people are employed in franchising than ever. Record rises in female franchisees are among some of the most outstanding and very positive trends in franchising

Seniors Helping Seniors UK launched in Canterbury in 2012. Seniors Helping Seniors UK is a division of 20 year old Seniors Helping Seniors US with 300+ operations in US. Multi award winning Seniors Helping Seniors UK has five offices and is already a Top Twenty Homecare Group in the UK

Seniors Helping Seniors is setting records for older entrepreneurs and people returning to work after a break.  People who want to utilise their skills to help their communities are attracted to Seniors Helping Seniors because of its high social impact in the ageing society. The 100 year life span is a reality in UK and two things are true in an ageing society: Millions of people, 45 years old and over, want or need to work and millions of elderly people need help to live independently. Seniors Helping Seniors is right place, right time.

As a recognised ethical franchise achieving social impact, the low royalties, low overheads, low operational costs and discrete procedures appeal to people who want the security of running their own business, within a non-pressurised and supportive network of like-minded people.

Franchisees consistently give top marks on the training programme and support from the team who personally launched a Seniors Helping Seniors in England

National News: John’s Campiagn

John’s Campaign is a not-for-profit run by Nicci Gerrard and Julia Jones

When Nicci’s father died in hospital in horrific circumstances, Nicci and her friend set about ensuring it would never happen.  John’s  Campaign started November 2014 and thousands of institutions have taken action. Great news for our ageing population.

John’s Campaign applies to all hospital settings: acute, community, mental health and its principles extend to all other caring institutions where people are living away from those closest to them.
John’s campaign know our work and asked Sally Wilse how the company helps the elderly

Seniors Helping Seniors knows one third (33%) of people living with dementia who go into hospital with unrelated conditions, never return home. Statistics say just under half (47%) of people with dementia who go into hospital are physically less well when they leave and just over half (54%) of people with dementia who go into hospital are mentally less well when they leave.

 Hospital admissions need not be detrimental and feared and we were asked how we help our clients to ensure their hospital stay is fast and efficient, they also asked us what happens to people when they get home. As a population ages arise more frequently. We support the belief that carers should not just be allowed but should be welcomed in hospitals, and that a collaboration between the patients and all connected with them is crucial to their health and their well-being.

John’s Campaign asked us  how how we help elderly clients who need intervention and what is special about our work.

‘Why I love my Job’ was written to support the campaign and to describe the positives of carers being in the right place at the right time for clients

Shared here by kind permission
Screen Shot 2019-03-21 at 10.57.42JC poster 3a (2)

Johns Campaign Certificate

National News: National Fitness Day 2018

To celebrate #FitnessDayUK  and knowing how successful franchising is at spreading great ideas, Franchise Direct found out which businesses incorporate exercise into their offer.

Aoife O’Reilly talks about how Seniors Helping Seniors uses exercise and fitness in a unique brand of Elderly Care

Snippet part re-published here by kind permission:- To mark National Fitness Day, we’re looking at franchises that incorporate exercise into their business practices.

Seniors Helping Seniors  helps older people to live as healthily and independently as possible. They understand that exercise can seem daunting for older people, particularly those that are struggling with medical conditions such as diabetes or arthritis. They are huge supporters of the #FitnessUK movement and aim to keep their clients active for as long as they can. Seated exercises, gentle walks and swims are all excellent ways of keeping fit for older people and these activities are readily available in gyms and community centres across the UK. Everyday is an active day for the Seniors Helping Seniors team and their clients – they wouldn’t have it any other way!

Read the full story here:

Link shared  by kind permission

 September  26th  2018

Entrepreneurs looking for fulfilment, profit and personal reward are attracted to Seniors Helping Seniors because it is a home based management care franchise,  running costs are low and because it helps solve some of the problems arising from an ageing population.

Making Money and StartupbusinessUK explore

10 Care and Elderly Services Franchises

Exploring Seniors Helping Seniors Elderly care franchise

Exploring Seniors Helping Seniors Elderly care franchise

1st August 2018

#EthicalFranchising The two  reasons we chose franchising as our expansion process are 1. local knowledge is everything 2. small, caring organisations react faster and consistently. Seniors Helping Seniors is a solid, profitable people management business with massive social impact. Work for yourself, not by yourself in  our team is amazing and our franchisees will tell you this is the best job they have ever had.


National News: Sue Learner asks us about our revolutionary care company

May 30th 2018

Read the story in full  here:

Older people empowered by caring for fellow elderly

A revolutionary care concept where able, older people care for their fellow elderly is becoming increasingly popular in the UK.

Peggy aged 93, cared for by Eileen, aged 66

Christian and Sally Wilse, founders of Seniors Helping Seniors (UK), claim to solve two of the biggest social problems in the UK – elderly care and employment opportunities for people as they age.

The couple brought the concept over from the US five years ago. Currently they are just based in Guildford, Harrow and Canterbury but they hope to eventually have 25 offices in the UK.

Their oldest caregiver is 83 but the average age is 65-75. They are usually semi-retired or have taken early retirement.

Mr Wilse says: “We don’t do personal care, so the job does not involve lifting, bathing, dressing, etc.”

Duties include preparing meals, companionship, pet care, shopping, helping with visits to the doctor, gardening, dementia care and overnight stays.

They now have around 45 people on the payroll and have never had any problems recruiting people.

“They are all on zero-hour contracts which they like as they can decide when they want to work and for how many hours. Some of them work every day for up to three hours a day, others a few hours a month, others strive for full time hours, and they enjoy the flexibility of being able to work intensely for periods of time,” he says.

Mr Wilse has found that as well as benefiting the person being cared for, the caregiver feels empowered.

Caring gives them a sense of purpose

“It keeps them active and gives them a purpose. Some live by themselves which can be lonely, so this means they can go out and meet people.”

Sixty-six year-old Eileen Connell has worked for Seniors Helping Seniors (UK) Ltd for just over four years.

She says: “In this job I am giving something. but I am also getting something back.”

She cares for 93-year-old Peggy, who has been living with dementia for several years. “On a good day we go out and on a not so good day we stay at home and chat, drink tea or sometimes she sleeps.

“She had a spell in residential care two years ago and we maintained our daily visits to keep the continuity going and so she would have a familiar person to relate to as she settled in. The residential care didn’t work out very well so her family decided to arrange for her to be cared for in her own home.”

Peggy has a live-in carer who has a two hour break every day. This two-hour break is covered by a visit from a caregiver from Senior Helping Seniors (SHS).

It is easier to relate to someone who is closer in age

“Peggy is of the same generation as my late parents. The things we talk about are the things I would talk to my parents about if they were still alive. We share memories of life in 50s and 60s that I know she can relate to.

Eileen and Peggy

“When I take Peggy out, we go to the same familiar places where I know it won’t be too busy. Peggy enjoys a latte and cake and loves to watch children and families with ice creams and playing. We don’t talk much when we are out. We exchange a lot of non-verbal smiles and gestures to share our thoughts on what is happening around us.

“I see another lady who is in her 80s. She has early stage dementia so we are able to do more of the things I used to do with Peggy. We go for walks, go to the garden centre or parks and to chair based yoga.”

Ms Connell finds that similarly to lots of people living with dementia, “she doesn’t always remember to eat, or thinks that she has already eaten, so my visit involves taking her out for a cooked breakfast or early lunch.

“Sometimes we prepare food to eat at home. After our yoga sessions we meet up with two other SHS providers and their clients and we all go for lunch together. The three of them eat like sparrows when they are on their own but if we are all eating together they can manage to eat a whole roast dinner and a pudding. The social side of eating makes a big difference. I can relate to that as I live alone and I too find it easier to prepare and eat meals with company.”

Ms Connell who is also an exam invigilator, was attracted to the role as she had retired but needed to earn some extra money “to enable me to enjoy more social and leisure activities than my pension will allow.


“I wanted to do something with a real purpose that is also paid and flexible. I like to be able to work as many or as few hours as I want. I wanted a job that would fit in with my life and I enjoy working with people.

“I used to be a resident house parent at a boarding school. I have also managed a care home. I never wanted to work in an office.”

She finds it “fun and satisfying to work with older people” and has found it “also gives me a connection with my parents’ generation who all lived through very difficult times. It is important that we don’t forget the social history that this generation can pass on to us all”.

Ms Connell believes that “it helps being older and caring for older people as we have life experience”.

‘Win-win situation’

Having older people helping other older people is a win-win situation, according to the SHS founder.

“Both enjoy being together. They gain different things but they both gain health benefits. Caring, feeling purposeful and earning money is proven to improve health and well-being, which is why our CCG (clinical commissioning group) calls this ‘perfect primary care’ improving future and current health prospects,” he says.

Caregiver Tony Cook, aged 70

Tony Cook is aged 70 and has been caring for a 90-year-old lady for two years.

He takes her to classical concerts and out for lunch. He says: “She likes getting ready and all dolled up. It seems to give her a real lift.

“It is good for me as well as it keeps me busy as I have been used to keeping very busy all my life.”

Founders Christian and Sally Wilse have found using older caregivers can really help if the person they are caring for has dementia.

“They may be resistant to someone coming into the home to care for them but if they are a similar age, they often think they are a friend and refer to them as a friend.”

This is borne out by a reviewby the son of a man with dementia who says: “Dad talks about his regular carer as a friend that visits”.

Mr Wilse is a huge advocate of the care concept Seniors Helping Seniors with its mutual benefits for both the caregiver and the person being cared for.

“Doing this job is so rewarding as you end up seeing a smile on both the caregiver’s face and the person being cared for,” he says.

Seniors Helping Seniors a Top 20 home care group in UK

Top 20 Home Care Group

Top 20 Home Care Group

Seniors Helping Seniors (UK) Ltd has won the award for being one of the Top 20 home care groups in the entire country

April 30th 2018 is a reviews site, listing all registered UK home care providers to help people search for the right care


The  Top 20 Home Care Award is  based on nearly 10,000 reviews by service users and family / friends of service users

The award was based on the home care group’s reviews from the people they care for, plus their friends and relatives based on Overall Standards, Staff, Care/Support, Management, Treated with Dignity and Value for Money

Amanda Hopkins, reviews manager of, said:

“Home care providers, which treat people with dignity and respect and offer personalised care, are vital in today’s society where people are living longer with more complex conditions. They are also essential in enabling people with disabilities to keep their independence and still live in their own homes.

Seniors Helping Seniors (UK) Ltd has proved that it provides a high standard of care and we’d like to congratulate it on being a top home care group! We feel it is a real achievement to be recognised for being one of the Top 20 home care groups in the UK.


“Looking for the right home care provider can be extremely difficult. We hope our awards will help to make people’s search that little bit easier.” 


Christian Wilse, founder of Seniors Helping Seniors said:

“I am delighted to accept the award for the Seniors Helping Seniors® UK group. Every carer in the organisation gives their all, and I am so grateful that our customers take the time to review our services in this way, it’s a lovely thank you which we truly appreciate.

We select our carers for their life experience and we match carers very carefully to our clients so there is plenty to reminisce about, lots of humour and a person’s standards and expectations are understood naturally. This award shows how important having the same reliable carer is to families, and I’d like to thank everyone for writing their review.”

People love to hear real life customer experiences, and I’d like to thank the service they provide. Congratulations to the other care groups doing a great job across the UK.  We have three locations and we’d welcome enquiries from people who may be want to open a Seniors Helping Seniors in their own community.”


Please follow this link for the full list of winners Top 20 Home Care Group Awards 2018 highlight the most recommended home care groups in the UK. The Awards are based on The Group Review Score as of 4th April 2018. The Group Review Score is derived from the average of all the Review Scores of its members with a Review Score. 60%+ Members of the group must have a Review Score before a Group Review Score can be achieved.

The home care providers were rated on: Overall Standard, Staff, Care/Support, Management, Treated with Dignity and Value for Money.

 We Won the

Customer Services Award

for Local Businesses

March 29th 2018

Best Business Events and their partners, The Institute of Directors, The Federation of Small Businesses, local magazine (The Canterbury Index) and local radio (Heart radio) run a competition to reward local businesses.


Customer Services Award Winners

Customer Services Award Winner

AGILIS Mobile Customer Services Director, Tina George, commented; “Being nominated can have a positive effect on the company and its employees”  Congratulations go to Seniors Helping Seniors for the Customer Services award.
Christian and Sally Wilse run Seniors Helping Seniors UK and the Canterbury & Thanet office.  Christian explained “How our carers interact with our customers affects health and wellbeing and a family’s memories, so winning the Customer Services awards is important.”

Seniors Helping Seniors was shortlisted for two awards, Innovation and Customer Services.  Doing things very differently to other care companies and other employers was the reason for the Innovation shortlist and Christian said we “were delighted to be shortlisted to champion the skills of experienced carers.

“But there is nothing better than a Customer Services award in Care. Definitely the one to win,” he said. “It says so much about the help we provide at a very important time in people’s lives. A time that impacts a lot of people.”

The Seniors Helping Seniors mission is to improve the expectations of ageing.  Services support people to stay independent. Everything from changing a light bulb, to community trips and respite for people living with dementia.

“How we do that is where the magic lies,” says Christian. “ Respectful, thoughtful, patient and helpful throughout the client journey.”

Seniors Helping Seniors has 20 years of success all over America. Winning the Customer Services award after five years here in the UK is the result of a lot of listening to what people want. It shows how right the care model is for what people want now.

People need and want a fast response to their enquiries but they don’t want to be rushed. They want care that fits around their lives, they want flexibility, they want a fair price and to be able to plan. Above all they want a fully managed service they can rely on with back up and expertise for all eventualities.  They want the best experienced carer. They want to know the carer well and they want to get on with them.

GPs and Care Commissioners call Seniors Helping Seniors “perfect primary care” because of the long term benefits.

Seniors Helping Seniors is in three locations in the UK. Canterbury and surrounding towns and villages, Harrow & Pinner and surrounding towns and villages, and Guildford, Woking & Godalming and their surrounding towns and villages.

“With the energy, these awards create,” Christian says, “we look forward to enquiries from more people looking for support in these areas to live well as they age and from carers looking to work for a company that puts them at the centre. Happy and well supported carers, makes for exceptional customer service”

Interview with Christian after the win 

To find out more about working for an award winning care service


To find out more about running an award winning care service in  another area

 Franchise News

Franchise growth published Elite Franchise Magazine March 2018

Click above to read story

Reproduced here by kind permission. Read the full article on elite franchise magazine

 National News: Elite Magazine Front Cover Story

March 13th 2018

With its fifth year of UK operations underway, Seniors Helping Seniors continues to grow a presence in Britain

After achieving a solid presence in your own backyard, looking overseas is the next logical step to scale for franchises. Expanding into international territories may not be easy or without challenges but it can certainly provide rewards and fresh opportunities for franchisors seeking growth with new franchisees.

That’s been the case for Seniors Helping Seniors, the US elderly-care franchise, which has now opened its third UK location. With a focus on connecting senior citizens in need of support to mature men and women with an aptitude for caring, the 20-year-old franchise entered Blighty back in 2013 and has scaled across Canterbury, Harrow and now Surrey to serve Guilford, Woking and Godalming.

With carers generally from backgrounds that include nursing, teaching and other empathic roles, client-support services supported by the franchise include everything from companionship and shopping to medical appointment and chores.

Commenting on the growth, Christian Wilse, master franchisee of Seniors Helping Seniors UK, said: “Our fully managed care services match carers to clients according to interests. We manage everything for our carers and our clients, taking time with introductions to make sure everyone is happy. People love the matching and the same carer aspects and the outcomes are outstanding.

“Our franchisees have a turnkey home-based operation doing something immensely worthwhile with exciting rewards and we have kept our set up fees low to encourage people to open a Seniors Helping Seniors in their own community.”

With more than 300 franchisees globally, Seniors Helping Seniors entering the UK from the US affirmed the strength of Britain as a franchise ecosystem and the company’s continued growth demonstrates the potential for ambitious franchisors and franchisees with plans to achieve nationwide scale.

National News: BFA

March 2018

Seniors Helping SeniorsUK celebrated being in the UK for 5 years, expanding to a third UK location.

Seniors Helping Seniors has been helping elderly people in their own homes for over 20 years in America. The innovative care concept came to UK in 2013 opening its first British service in Canterbury, Kent.  The second UK branch was Harrow and now people with loved ones in the Guildford and Woking areas of Surrey have a trusted and innovative care company to rely on and carers have new, exciting, flexible job prospects well into their later years.

Christian Wilse of Seniors Helping Seniors UK said: “Our fully managed care services match carers to clients according to interests.  We manage everything for our carers and our clients, taking time with introductions to make sure everyone is happy.  People love the matching and the same carer aspects and the outcomes are outstanding.”

Seniors Helping Seniors is a Top Ten most recommended elderly care agency in UK and has featured on the BBC for innovation. The NHS describes Seniors Helping Seniors as “perfect primary care” because it keeps carers and clients well.

Christian says: “Our franchisees have a turnkey home-based operation doing something immensely worthwhile with exciting rewards and we have kept our set up fees low to encourage people to open a Seniors Helping Seniors in their own community.”

Big Ideas Competition

We were in the final of the Dragons Den and invited back for very meaningful conversations about keeping people well and financially secure in their later years.

March 20th 2018

The Reinsurance Group of America works with Incisive Media and Cover Magazine  Dragons Den type competition to hear ideas from the community. The aim is to uncover ideas that will invigorate the life, health insurance and retirement industries. The Ageing Population is key to the future of the business.

This is the first year we entered and we were delighted to have made the final and even more delighted with the meetings that followed.

We’ve demonstrated how Seniors Helping Seniors helps solve the challenges affecting  the ageing population. We help with everyday life and retirement today, and how we help people live well and thrive.

Read more about the competition here 

Congratulations to the other finalists and a very special shout out to Caron of Caron Cares

 Franchisee of the Year and People’s Choice award finalists and our calls to entrepreneurs to run care businesses as franchisees in our UK network

February 13th 2018

National News: Shortlisted Franchisee of the year The UK’s No.1 starting a business resource, asked us about the success and social impact Seniors Helping Seniors is having a year after we were  shortlisted for the Franchisee of the Year award at the Startups Awards 2017

We call on entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners to open care businesses as part of our network. Our goal is to  offer elderly clients “flexibility, full support and peace of mind” Read more here 

 50 great tips to build a website

February 7th 2018

Start ups asked us to contribute to their free e-book on Start-up success: These tips from some of the UK’s best. Our contribution is on building authenticity and trust

“Trust and authenticity .. we have no gimmicks, lots of personality, and use optimistic colours. Quick wins like using stock photos are a no-no for us. The images we use show  real carers of a similar age to their elderly clients, who we have matched because they have similar interests, help the client fulfill their dreams, stay motivated and contribute to the activities of daily living in local community settings.”

National News: Business Matters

The 14 Best Businesses To Start in 2018

January 15th 2108

The UK’s leading SME business magazine for UK’s thriving small and medium sized business sector.  Business Matters reaches decision makers in the SME whose businesses turnover between £200,000 to £6M. To start the New Year it reviewed Seniors Helping Seniors as part of its list of new industries about to take 2018 by storm.

Care services franchises such as Seniors Helping Seniors UK, which enables entrepreneurs to own and run home care businesses in their local areas, has seen growth ascent. Since launch in 2014, the chain has expanded
For those looking to combine profit with purpose .. the care home market presents a winning business opportunity.  Read more here

National News: Daily Mail

November 9th 2017

Career Mail is a regular section in the printed Daily Mail national newspaper. They often look at opportunities for the ageing population.  Knowing we provide work for older workers and business opportunities for people who want to set up their own Seniors Helping Seniors, they contacted us about management skills.  The article appeared in print and the author Linda Whitney kindly gave her permission here

Harnessing your skills and show you care

IF YOUR career background is in management, it is a useful skill to transfer to a franchise.

Christian Wilse and his wife Sally run the Seniors Helping Seniors franchise in Canterbury, Kent, employing older people to prove elderly care services.

And Christian, the UK master franchisor of Seniors Helping Seniors, is also recruiting UK franchisees with management skills and heart.

“Over 95 per cent of Seniors Helping Seniors’ 300 franchisees across the globe, left the corporate world to concentrate on doing something worthwhile with their skills” he says.

Seniors Helping Seniors franchisees match carers to clients and use their project management and operational skills for efficient scheduling and logistics.

Andy Boothman, a former management franchisee at a cleaning franchise who is considering investing in Seniors Helping Seniors, says, “My people skills will transfer well to Seniors Helping Seniors, and I will use my financial management and marketing skills. As a former franchisee I also know franchisors help you develop skills you lack.

Christian adds: ‘ we want to hear from people with management skills.  The current investment required is £10,000 so it does not usually make too big a dent in a redundancy package or pension pot.

National News: Providing rewarding work to an ageing population

What Franchise Magazine

November 2017

Linda Whitney featured Seniors Helping Seniors  in What Franchise Magazine to explain how our managed care service makes a rewarding business you can run from home and the opportunities of our franchise.  Seniors Helping Seniors  provides services for an ageing population, is often run by older business people and the workforce is predominantly older workers because they have the experience and love the work

Seniors Helping Seniors explains why old fashioned is best

Buy into a Fully Managed Care Service

In the very near future, it’s going to be increasingly unusual for retirees not to work.

The driving forces are increased life expectancy, economic uncertainty, a re-visioning of later years, where people want to do something useful and rewarding, and the elimination of the idea that pensions will be able to sustain us. Fortunately, there’s also greater need for the skills of older people. Especially in care.


Seniors Helping Seniors has a 20-year franchising history and an award winning care brand in the UK, which represents loving, caring, giving and compassionate care.

An emphasis on service, which could be called old fashioned, may not be the most obvious money making opportunity, but there’s no lasting substitute.

Automation, databases and dealing with people as if they’re problems that need solving in the most efficient way all make sense to the bottom line, but they’re not polite or dignified and they don’t put clients first.

Quick fix solutions have a knack of coming unstuck when things like life get in the way.

What people need when they’re looking for care for the elderly is a fully managed service they can trust. They want to be able to plan and rely on it to adapt and accommodate events in their lives and events in carers’ lives.

Seniors Helping Seniors is not greedy for profit. Every decision made is about doing the right thing for clients and staff and it’s evidence that doing good first makes great money.

Elderly care is provided by older carers with either professional care backgrounds or experience of caring for loved ones. The work is well paid, rewarding and flexible, so it fits nicely around their later life commitments.

The company has no issues attracting or retaining carers because carers are fully supported, well paid and fully respected.

The care provided is outstandingly effective because the carer is carefully matched to the client, personally introduced and the schedule is well managed. Because carer and client are of similar ages and they have a lot in common, the care is more easy to accept, even by the most fiercely independent. The objective is to keep people safe, well and living in their own homes as long as possible.


The BBC filmed a special news report on the success and opportunities at Seniors Helping Seniors. Clients are eager to have help in the south east and east of the UK as soon as possible, so the company is looking to recruit new franchisees here first.

The service provided by Seniors Helping Seniors is out of the scope of the Care Quality Commission because it’s not ‘personal care’, so the set-up costs of this franchise are significantly less than care models offering personal care.

The franchisor is a British Franchise Association member and has experience of what is takes to repeat and reproduce successful businesses in different locations. The care and support Seniors Helping Seniors franchisees receive is as outstanding as the care provided to clients.

This is a way to run your own business, as opposed to looking for work yourself at 50-plus years of age.

National Story: Daily Mail

 Helping Hand coming from the Senior Service

21st September 2017

The newspaper leads with a front page story “Shame of Care Homes That Just Don’t Care” and how there are “four serious failures probed every day, 100 care firms struck off in a year and charities warning of ‘frightening crisis’” The Daily Mail’s policy editor Daniel Martin laid bare the extent of the crisis in the elderly care system and  Linda Whitney’s asked us how Seniors Helping Seniors is helping. The article  appeared in print and the author Linda Whitney kindly gave her permission to refer to her Career Mail article

Helping Hand Coming from the Senior Service

Focussing on the problems of an ageing population appeals to older entrepreneurs 

British Franchise Association

BFA’s What Franchise magazine asked us how fully managed elderly care services help families

The over-50s have come to dominate start-ups. The combination  of private pension payouts being accessible at 55, more employees being offered redundancy in their 50s and the knowledge that most 50-year-olds have another 30 years of active life are tempting more people to become entrepreneurs. 

A franchise can be a faster and easier option than setting up a standalone business and Linda Whitney asked us about the pros cons  worth considering before you invest in a franchise at 50-plus.

 Fully Managed Elderly Care Services.

Starting a business in your 50s is easier than you think!

Start ups is the UK’s leading independent online business resource, they interviewed us about our business to help them shake off the notion that starting a business in middle-age isn’t a good idea.

More than four out of 10 new businesses in the UK are started by people over 50, over 55s are now 63% more likely to start businesses than 10 years ago and those who start a business in their 50s are 42% more likely to be successful than their younger counterparts. Older entrepreneurs have the advantage of being able to tap into wealth of experience and knowledge and how we are looking for good-hearted entrepreneurs to become Seniors Helping Seniors business owners in UK.

Christian Wilse, Seniors Helping Seniors UK

Christian Wilse, Seniors Helping Seniors

59-year-old Christian Wilse launched the UK franchise arm of elderly home care service Seniors Helping Seniors in January 2014, after received funding from The Start Up Loans Company to start the business.

Based in Kent, Wilse’s business helps seniors and their families by offering compassionate, loving care from fellow seniors.

Wilse and his wife have been working full-time for the business ever since launch date. They are the only full-time employees but work with around 100 part-time care providers – on a typical month’s payroll the company will have around 40 working care providers. Due to most of the care providers being retired, they will work around 10-20 hours a week, but the shift patterns are very flexible.

Previously, Wilse spent most of his career as a successful businessman in the media field. He ran a media monitoring company, and set up Tiscali in Norway (where he is originally from), amongst other business ventures.

Additionally, Wilse is actively looking for good-hearted entrepreneurs to become Seniors Helping Seniors business owners.

Pros and cons  worth considering before you invest in a franchise at 50-plus

Making Money Magazine

Making Money Magazine asked us to identify the pros and cons worth considering before you invest in a franchise

Investing in a franchise at 50+

National News: The British Franchise Association

Seniors Helping Seniors named  one of the top 10 home care agency groups in the UK

July 26th 2017

Seniors Helping Seniors

Seniors Helping Seniors who provide help to elderly people, have been announced as a Top 10 Recommended Agency Group in UK  in the ‘Top 10 Awards 2017’.

This award was voted for by people who use the service.  “We are keen to share the Seniors Helping Seniors UK model with people who are  ready to make a difference to elderly care in their own location, so the award has come at a great time for us” says Christian who founded the service in UK,  “Thank you to the clients who wrote in to about our elderly care services.” is a review site that lists all registered UK home care providers.  People are able to provide independent reviews which are verified by homecare before they are shared. Over 5,000 people took the time to provide a review on the site and it was these that were used to find out just who are the best providers across the UK.

The site is helping those searching for the best home care for their needs, which is important because 3 in 5 of us will be carers in our lifetime and 3 out of 4 carers say they were not prepared for it.  An easy to use resource such as this utilising up to date independent reviews is vital.

Seniors Helping Seniors reviews covered: overall standard, staff, care/support, management, are clients treated with dignity and value for money. All of these areas were rated highly, showing huge confidence in the company.

Christian Wilse, owner of Seniors Helping Seniors said: “I am delighted to have received this award which is solely based on what our clients say about us and I am so proud of all of our care providers who have inspired them to do so. It’s wonderful to know that we are getting it right. 

“An independent national award is great for us because it shows how many people we help and how far we have come. 

“Our uniqueness is the carers being close in age to our clients.  We match carer to client very carefully ensuring there is plenty to talk about and plenty to do.  We know every carer very well. We have make sure there’s always time to do all the right things with our clients and there is always back up.

“Seniors Helping Seniors is a great concept to run and it’s a lovely business to manage” 

A daughter of a Seniors Helping Seniors client has said “They listen carefully to individual needs, communicate well, act promptly, are flexible and always professional. Most of all I appreciate their warm, friendly manner and caring approach”

A son said “They provide an invaluable service to my mum, enabling her to live independently. They are versatile and kind and able to provide services from companionship to gardening. They always keep me informed”

Another daughter said “Nothing is ever too much for them, and they work not only with the person they are caring for but with their family.”

Davina Ludlow, Director of added: “Seniors Helping Seniors has shown that it provides high-quality care and we would like to congratulate them on being one of the top home care providers in the country.

“Looking for the right home care provider can be tough. We hope our awards will help to make people’s search that little bit easier.”

Top 10 Care Award based on client recommendations

May 1st 2017

Seniors Helping Seniors Scoops Top 10 Award

Seniors Helping Seniors has been recognised as a Top 10 Recommended Agency Group in the UK by – The leading UK home care website

Top 10 Award

Seniors Helping Seniors® secured it’s place as one of the Top 10 home care groups in UK after just five years operating in the UK. because clients go out of their way to thank us and  recommend us at every opportunity?

The brand has twenty year’s care experience internationally and launched in Kent in 2013

Seniors Helping Seniors® won the award from the leading guide to home care  The award is based on reviews and the current score is 9.910

Davina Ludlow, director of, said:“Home care agencies, which put compassion, dignity and kindness at the heart of their care, are making a huge difference to people’s lives.

Seniors Helping Seniors® has proved that it provides a high standard of care throughout its organisation and we’d like to congratulate it on being a top home care group! We feel it is a real achievement to be recognised for being one of the Top 10 home care groups in the UK.”


“Looking for the right home care provider can be tough. We hope our awards will help to make people’s search that little bit easier.” 


Christian Wilse head of Seniors Helping Seniors® said:


“A National award is great because it shows how many people we are helping. The elderly people we support are based in Kent and Middlesex currently with more locations coming.   Their families live all over the world and more often than not its the families who take the time to reference what they have found to be special about us, so others know that elderly care can be a great experience.

We are keen to share our unique way of working with anyone who feels they could be ready to make a difference to elderly care in their own locations. There are clients and carers waiting in every town in the county.  We’d particularly like to hear from people who are thinking of starting a business in South East and East England.

Our care model is great fun to run and it’s a lovely business.  I don’t think elderly care and fun are words people would expect in the same sentence these days, but it’s true. 

Everyone involved with Seniors Helping Seniors® says it’s the best job they have ever had. The uniqueness is matching carer to client and ensuring  they have the same values. Ours is a fully managed service.  We ensure our clients are offered flexibility, full support and peace of mind, so if they want to hear a “Yes!” they call us.  A huge thank you to the clients who wrote in about our elderly care services.  This award is a milestone for us” 

Seniors Helping Seniors® impacts in the area of work for older people as well. It is a citizen approach to elderly care where part of the solution to the care problems caused by an ageing population actually lies in the problem itself.  People are living longer and need to work longer.  They want flexible,  responsible and relevant work and they want to feel great doing it.

As a unique opportunity for a potential business owner ,  this is a franchise worth looking into as a valuable use of management and life skills. 90% of Seniors Helping Seniors® franchise owners left the corporate world to start in their home town. A local Care Commissioning Group calls “perfect primary care” because of the impact on keeping well.

The Seniors Helping Seniors Success story

 A subsidiary of the British Business Bank


Start up loans publishes the Seniors Helping Seniors Success story

Start Up loans delivers the Government’s start up loans programme and published the  Seniors Helping Seniors Success story

Highlighting examples of good practice and innovation in the sector

Care Talk


Care Talk Care Industry magazine new national opportunity for innovation in elderly care in-home services 

What rights do people in care have?


November 2016

Choose is a UK price comparison site, focused on helping consumers find the best deal and understand their rights.

Evictions from care homes and families being banned from visiting hit the news in November 2016 and since no one is keeping records of these evictions, Choose asked us to explore what rights people in care have.

They asked us to explain

Helping people gain the control to plan for elderly care and to feel safe and comfortable in their choices



What rights do people in care have? helping people gain the control to plan for elderly care and to feel safe and comfortable in their choices.

What care options are there for people on a budget?



  Choose  asked to write a money feature about care budgets. Looking at elderly care options on a budget and planning ahead to avoid a crisis. What care options are there for people on a budget? how do we ensure access to the elderly care we require, and on a budget that suits us? The key is to start looking before we need to.

Preventing Malnutrition in later life

Malnutrition Task Force


Malnutrition task force is an independent group of experts across health, social care and local government united to address avoidable and preventable malnutrition in older people.  Established in 2012, they aim to share expertise and work with partners in hospitals, care homes, local authorities and private and voluntary organisations.

As part of Carers Week 2016, they asked us for some some suggestions on how to rekindle an interest in food when a loved has one gone off meals or  lost confidence in the kitchen.

Boosting appetite for someone with dementia or a frail appetite    

Activities around mealtimes


Unforgettable The world’s best marketplace for dementia products and services, asked us to talk about how we use slow cooking to encourage those with frail appetites to be interested in mealtimes again.

The whole mealtime experience is one of the most important contributions to an elderly person’s health and happiness. However, if your loved one with dementia is struggling in the kitchen, or not sure what to cook, you may need  some ideas.

Boosting appetite for someone with dementia

Why become a franchisee?

British Franchise Association

21/10/16 The British Franchise Association asked  us to write about our franchisee in Harrow

Care at home service  Seniors Helping Seniors®  expands-its offering to the London borough of Harrow and Northwood

Membership of British Franchise Association


Our listingKey information here

Care Crisis

BBC Special news report


Seniors Helping Seniors®  Special report on BBC South East evening news

In a News segment about the pace of care home closures and the affects to the quality of care, the BBC featured Seniors Helping Seniors® with a special report on the company’s expansion and unique approach. Yvette Austin talked about the new type of care that matches mature carers to clients for in home care.  Focussing on greater understanding and empathy, “clients have someone they can relate to.”  Families who live far away say carer Margaret Plues is  “just what she wants” for their parent Ann Cole and carer Margaret explains what is unique about working for Seniors Helping Seniors®

Click on image:


Care Crisis

BBC South East


Our services on lunchtime on helping solve the Care Crisis

news: Click on imagebbcsouthe

Harrow & Northwood in Middlesex, North London


George Demetriou (left) and Christian Wilse signing the agreement 17.03.2016

How do you know if a care company is trust worthy

Web Videos

Care of the elderly is a sector where trust is everything The Web videos team talk about conveying trust through our video

 National News:  Seniors Helping Seniors CELEBRATES LIVING WAGE COMMITMENT

September 2015

Read more here:

The Living Wage Foundation is pleased to announce that Seniors Helping Seniors, has today  (1/9/15) accredited as a Living Wage employer.The Living Wage commitment will see everyone working at Seniors Helping Seniors®, regardless of whether they are permanent employees or third-party contractors and suppliers; receive a minimum hourly wage of £7.85 – significantly higher than the national minimum wage of £6.50.

The Living Wage is an hourly rate set independently and updated annually. The Living Wage is calculated according to the basic cost of living using the ‘Minimum Income Standard’ for the UK. Decisions about what to include in this standard are set by the public; it is a social consensus about what people need to make ends meet.

Seniors Helping Seniors Manager, Christian Wilse says: We value and believe in our staff, without them we cannot deliver our services. As a multi award winning company it is important to lead the way. In fact our average hourly pay is £9.00 well ahead of the Government target to reach this by 2020 for workers outside London.

Employers choose to pay the Living Wage on a voluntary basis. The Living Wage enjoys cross party support, with public backing from the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition.

Living Wage Foundation Director, Rhys Moore said: “We are delighted to welcome Seniors Helping Seniors, to the Living Wage movement as an accredited employer.

“The best employers are voluntarily signing up to pay the Living Wage now. The Living Wage is a robust calculation that reflects the real cost of living, rewarding a hard day’s work with a fair day’s pay. “We have accredited over 1,500 leading employers, including Seniors Helping Seniors, ranging from independent printers, bookshops and breweries, to well-known companies such as Nationwide, Aviva and SSE. These businesses recognise that clinging to the national minimum wage is not good for business. Customers expect better than that. ”

Living Wage Employer

28/8/2015 Living Wage Mark

Seniors Helping Seniors®  accredited with : Accreditation press release_celebrating new employersLW_logo_employer_rgb copy

Celebrating the best care in the UK & Further Afield

Caron Cares

August 2016

  Caron Cares  Advice and information for anyone caring for someone elderly, or someone with dementia

Matching the skills and experience of older people to the needs of the elderly in a relationship focussed partnership

The video below explains how

BBC London News

22/06/2015 – Interview with MP Alistair Burt, trying to answer:                  “Where will the carers come from?”

Awards Wins

National News: talks to us about our scalable social venture

June 1st 2015

Read more here

Big Venture Challenge 2015 Winner

Seniors Helping Seniors based in Canterbury, Kent has been announced as one of the winners of this year’s Big Venture Challenge, a programme for ambitious and scalable social ventures run by UnLtd, the Foundation for Social Entrepreneurs.

More than 450 social ventures nationwide entered the competition. Out of 110 submitting full business plans, Seniors Helping Seniors® was announced as one of the 40 winners to be part of this year’s Big Venture Challenge. To be a winner each entrepreneur pitched to a Dragon’s Den style panel of investors and business leaders, including ex-BBC The Apprentice judge Margaret Mountford. The Big Venture Challenge will provide Seniors Helping Seniors® with support to grow the business nationwide.

Seniors Helping Seniors has a 17 year history improving lives of seniors all over America. In 2013 Christian and Sally Wilse dedicated their lives to the cause and opened the first UK Seniors Helping Seniors in Canterbury for the surrounding areas. Christian Wilse the co-owner and Manager explain “Having made money for other people all our lives, we wanted to embark on a business venture to use profit for social purpose. We followed our hearts and invested everything! We are successfully changing how “seniors” are treated and we change expectations of ageing.

We have a loving, giving, caring and compassionate community of helpers who give seniors the support they need. There is a lot of debate around how elderly care needs to change nationwide and how huge the problem of loneliness is. Our service has an impressive social impact and that’s what won us this award.

“We are thrilled with the success and with the warm welcome we have had from others working with the elderly. Age UK locally has been brilliant and local parishes have been very supportive too. Loneliness is a huge problem in Kent. This award is very exciting for us” Christian says.

Describing their business Christian says, “As the name describes, help is provided by senior carers, exclusively. We identify the perfect carer and ensure care is provided by that person, we are flexible and we are reliable. We are all about accommodating the individual.

Our social impact is strong because our Providers benefit from rewarding and flexible work. The families and the Seniors who need help are able to stay independent because they have the reliable help they need to stay safe. They love the fact that the person coming to them actually knows first hand what it’s like to be older. Somehow it makes accepting help easier. Bonds form over common interests and we are told it’s like getting help from friends (minus the guilt and loss of privacy that can come from imposing on friends)

We are delighted to have had our business recognised. We have the business skills to help others do what we have done. We are looking for people with strong local networks, a passion to do business the right way and to do good”

BBC Radio

29/05/2015 BBC Radio’s Lembit Opik interviews Christian on our award win

News & Awards 2015:BBC logo

BBC Radio Kent 29/05/2015: Interviewed by Lembit Opik –

Big Venture Challenge Winner

  28/05/2015   Announcement


Small Business – Service Industries


Innovation & Excellence Award

Social Enterprise

National Bronze Winner 2015

2015 –  Social Enterprise (page 99)

How to Age Proof your body:

 National Story: Daily Mail Article


To help keep your mind and memory in good condition, it’s helpful to interact more with other people, whether through a job, voluntary work, standing for election as a councillor or starting a new business such as Seniors Helping Seniors®

Sir Muir Gray – One of Britain’s top doctors and a former Chief of knowledge for the NHS has mentioned us in his article in the Daily Mail (Mail Online)

Planning for Later life

April 2015

Canterbury Index Magazine

Canterbury Index Magazine asked us about planning for later life

Read and download our article in Canterbury Index Magazine, April in pdf Planning for Later life 2015

Hospital discharge Crisis

BBC Radio Kent


BBC Radio’s Julia George discusses hospital discharges with Christian

News & Awards 2014:  BBC Radio Kent 31/07/2014: Call to Julia George

National News: Homecare talks to us about our award win

June 2014

Read the news in full here:

UK’s leading social entrepreneurs win Fast Growth Award Winners for 2014 for Innovation award

Fast growth award winner for its innovative in-home care services

Seniors Helping Seniors Canterbury & Thanet, wins it’s first award UnLtd ( has today announced 32 of the UK’s leading social entrepreneurs as Fast Growth Award Winners for 2014.

Each of the social entrepreneurs who have won the award has been given a monetary prize and they will get intensive support over the next 12 months to help them scale up their ventures to tackle some of the nation’s toughest social issues.

Seniors Helping Seniors started in Canterbury offering Seniors in Canterbury and Thanet the help they need to stay at home living safely and happily for as long as possible.

They are among the 32 winning ventures for 2014 Seniors Helping Seniors utilises the nation’s untapped resource of a willing and very able senior workforce. Carefully selected Seniors provide care to Seniors who need some help at home. Interests are matched to ensure the relationship between the care provider and care receiver flourishes. Having shared experiences and shared standards helps tremendously with acceptance, respect and trust and the sense of fun in the care.

Albert Chong, Fast Growth lead at UnLtd, said: “Our 2014 Fast Growth Award Winners are exceptional entrepreneurs tackling some of our most difficult social problems. Their solutions are innovative, effective and sustainable.They are driven, focused and with one thing in common: true dedication to using enterprise to solve social problems. We are very excited to be working with them over the coming year.” The Millennium Awards Trust, which is administered by UnLtd, has funded 17 of the awards. To find out more about the Fast Growth 2014 winners, go to winners-2014.

Christian Wilse the manager of Seniors Helping Seniors – “Particularly where health is concerned, the UK needs social entrepreneurs more than ever. The country needs an alternative system of support that offers more than charity can offer and puts care of the elderly at the top of the agenda with an emphasis on living well, not just surviving. I Feel very proud to receive this award and acknowledgement from such a wonderful and supportive organisation on behalf of all of our team.”

Seniors Helping Seniors was founded in 1998 in USA by Kiran Yocom, having worked for Mother Teresa for over 14 years, to provide seniors with the ability to choose an independent lifestyle in their own homes, for as long as possible, with the dignity and respect they deserve. We are fully committed to helping others and that adds to our own purpose in life.

Seniors Helping Seniors is a member of UKHCA, National Skills Academy – Social Care, Age Action Alliance and APEK Tel:01227 454 900 – UnLtd is the leading provider of support to social entrepreneurs in the UK and offers the largest such network in the world. UnLtd resources hundreds of individuals each year through its core Awards programme. UnLtd operates a unique model by investing directly in individuals and offering a complete package of resources; from Awards of funding, to ongoing advice, networking and practical support.

Innovation in Social Enterprise


April 2014

Fast Growth Sustainability Award

“The Judging panel have had the unenviable task of selecting those companies most worthy of one of these prestigious awards and after much deliberation they are pleased to declare Seniors Helping Seniors has been awarded Sustainability Award for Innovation in Social Enterprise.”

Seniors Helping Seniors® is a Fast Growth Award Winner for 2014 for its innovative in-home care service – Read more here

Seniors Helping Seniors® services have been part of a recent (April 2014) research “Pushing Boundaries” by UnLtd who supports Social Enterprises. We are case study no 8 on page 30 – you can download the research here

Planning for Later Life

Annual magazine “Planning for Later Life” on page 46 – You can read an online version here or contact us on 01227 454 900 or send a mail to and we will mail you a copy.

Do you have the heart of a volunteer? Do you or do you know a friend that would like to help and care for others? We are always looking for loving, giving, caring people that are compassionate about others. Contact us  for a friendly conversation or email

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