Home cooked meals help the elderly

The whole mealtime experience is one of the most important contributions to an elderly person’s health and happiness.

Gone off food? Can’t be bothered? Eating badly? Has someone said the kitchen is not a safe place anymore? 

There is no need to give up.  Firstly we recommend slow cookers because they are safe and cheap to run.  Secondly, our Providers are passionate about food and we always start by stimulating appetites.  Re-kindling appetites is not something to be rushed.  We talk about personal food memories, remembering family gatherings and special recipes and then we physically help the elderly produce their own meals again, in their own kitchens. Consequently, people are well nourished and excited about meal times again. We use food to keep people happy, healthy, safe and well in their own homes. Here are some tips.

Food that tastes like it should is much easier than you think

Even if nothing has been cooked in the kitchen for years. Even if the gas has been turned off for safety reasons, slow cookers are a great option. We have written about them before and we aim to get people cooking meals that really appeal to them. Food does not burn in slow cookers so you don’t have to worry, they plug in just like a light and there is only one pot to wipe clean. So if you don’t have one, we highly recommend you buy one.  It’s an easy way to cook tasty food that even frail appetites will appreciate. You’ll get nice soft food if that’s what you need and it will be gorgeous and tasty.  Do it while the weather is so cold and people may be isolated and more at risk from the illnesses around.

Good starting point

Remembering times when people were feeding their families,  discussing treasured recipes and family events, writing shopping lists, getting the food in,  going along on a shopping trip, helping select ingredients and participating  in the preparation of the food are all really great things to do. Make food empowering, nurturing and a personal choice again.

Cooking food from scratch has the power to change everything

Meals on wheels, shrink-wrapped food delivery services and frozen meals can be a lifeline but people can feel lonely and useless waiting for the meals to arrive. Food gets boring and in the end people just go off the whole thing and what used to be a rhythm in life, disappears. There is nothing like cooking a  meal yourself from scratch.  The whole process gives a day meaning, gives a structure to a week and it reminds people what they did and who they are. All the nutrition is saved, it costs much less, it’s sustainable because no one is driving the food for miles and the smells and warmth that comes while the food cooks is an absolute joy. Smells and tastes have the power to rekindle deep memories and well being.

Tried and tested recipes

We’ve been asked to suggest some slow cooker recipes

The recipes are not our own but they have been tested and we recommend them.

Adapt to the season and buy local organic produce if you can. Supermarkets are selling Wonky veg at great prices and organic food goes further and it is better for you. This is a chance to exert yourself, consumer choice is powerful

We have included “old money” measurements in our recipes, not because we doubt people’s ability with metrics but because working in ounces, pounds, pints and tablespoons may feel more comfortable and this is all about making people feel confident at home.

Enjoy the meals!


With love,

Seniors Helping Seniors

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